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[PDF] Federal Board Chemistry Book 1st Year PDF Download

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Book: Federal Board Chemistry Book 1st Year PDF Download

Type: Chemistry Book

Size: 10MB

A lazy afternoon full of scorching heat. It’s as if the afternoon has stopped. Just after that a terrible storm came in the evening. This storm destroyed the whole nature and caused a lot of damage. Big trees fell and closed the roads. So far everything was natural. But what happened next was supernatural or unusual – whatever.

David Drayton, his wife, Stephanie Dryton, and their five-year-old son, Billy, who lived on Long Lake, were struck by a strange fog at the end of the storm. Even in this scorching heat, the fog seems to be slowly advancing over the waters of Long Lake. Meanwhile, not far from the city, the American military is busy with a mysterious project called Arrowhead Project. But does the Arrowhead project have anything to do with this sudden fog?

While shopping in the supermarket, a group of people got trapped inside. The entire building and the surrounding area are surrounded by dense fog. Anyone who is going to dare to step into that fog is not coming back. Rather, their groaning and wailing can be heard. Not only that, the monster-shaped creatures are looking for opportunities to attack in various ways. Surprised by their violence, the helpless and frightened people trapped in the supermarket began to look for ways to save their lives.

Meanwhile, the torture of an old woman with a witch-like nature became unbearable. He is desperate to make human sacrifices to drive out the fog and the unknown creatures inside him. Some people became very brave after leaving behind the mysterious fog, some strange and violent animals, bloodthirsty old woman and some other dangers. And in the end, the story of the courage of all those brave people became embodied.

Lesson Response: Horror storytellers who don’t know the hugely popular American horror story writer Stephen King are probably nowhere to be found. Numerous popular horror novels including The Shining, Carrie, Brick, Doctor Slip have emerged from his pen. Rita Hayworth and Shashank also wrote exciting novels like Redemption. The film is made with. The film’s position on the IMDB chart is absolutely number one. ‘The Mist’ is one of Stephen King’s most popular works.

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Ever since I started reading the book, I haven’t felt like reading anything like Ahamri. Just passing the time well, so reading – I kept reading thinking that. But as I went deeper into this novella, it was as if a tension was working inside my head. The ‘what happens’ type of uncertainty seemed to surround me.

That’s how I noticed for a while, I have reached the very last stage of this short story of only 143 pages. But when I read the last one, I did not get rid of the feeling of uncertainty. In this case, Stephen King followed the principle of ‘the end is not the end’. The story doesn’t seem to end. And I’m a little dissatisfied with it. But one thing is true. ‘The Mist’ was really great as a time killer.

Federal Board Chemistry Book 1st Year PDF Download

class 11 chemistry book for fbise and kpk board pdf


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