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[PDF] Federal Board Biology Book 2nd Year PDF Download

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Book: Federal Board Biology book 2nd Year pdf Download

Type: Biology Book

Size: 20MB

Many people go missing every day. At the same time many people die unintentionally. Some of them are on the verge of disappearance or death mystery, some never. There is also a murder at the beginning of this novel. The murder took place in the vicinity of Chanmia Housing in Mohammadpur, Dhaka. One of the most brutal killings. The murderous corpse seemed to be twisted and twisted with horrible horror. Anyone who sees such a hellish condition will be shocked, for sure.

The task of investigating the murder fell on the shoulders of Special Branch Officer Kayes Haider. In his professional life, Kayes, known for being very stubborn and rude to his colleagues, came down to reveal the secret and realized that it was not a common murder. A strange – past feeling of explanation filled his insides. He began to feel the presence of a terrible evil force around him.

Meanwhile, a strange activity has started across the city of mechanics Dhaka. The creatures of the supernatural world like scorpions, vampires and witches are roaming around the city. They are planning to perform a huge ritual. Do they have any connection with the murder that took place a few days ago? To find the answer to this seemingly impossible question, Kayes had to run to the mysterious Abalal. Kayes and Abalal continued to try to stop a terrible disaster shoulder to shoulder.

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Shailen Bhattacharya wants to perform a ritual that was stopped a long time ago. He has formed a terrible group with some inhuman beings of the supernatural world. If he cannot be stopped, the whole civilization will face a great catastrophe. Another mysterious character in the novel, Captain Andreas, and Abalal suddenly came to a head. And Mirana Mores of Bangladeshi descent got involved with everything. This episode of blood revealed the presence of some very exciting things.

Lesson Response: By reading the summary of the story, you must have understood by now that ‘Shonit Upakhyan – Present’ is basically an urban fantasy novel. However, I am completely reluctant to put it in the urban fantasy genre. Just as this book was the spice of fantasy, reading the descriptions of some places, it seems that it would not be a mistake to call it a horror thriller.

Especially at the beginning of the story, the writer Syed Anirban has created a wonderful ghostly atmosphere and somehow made me want to go to the next pages. Writing about the urban fantasy genre in the context of Bangladesh is undoubtedly a very complex and time consuming task. Considering that, Syed Anirban has left a mark of great success in his first work. Excellent Munshiana describes the events that took place.

In which I have noticed a latent impression of fluency. While writing the book ‘Shonit Upakhyan – Present’, I realized that he himself enjoyed the matter very much.

Federal Board Biology Book 2nd Year PDF Download

2nd year class 12 biology book for federal board and kpk


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