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[PDF] Federal Board Biology Book 1st Year PDF Download

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Book: Federal Board Biology Book 1st Year PDF Download

Type: Biology Book

Size: 10MB

The students of Federal board and KPK board should be happy that FBISE and National Book Foundation (Federal Textbook Board) has coverted all 1st year, class 11 HSSC 1 book in pdf and are now available of the official websites of FBISE and Federal textbook board and also on Federal Board.

Asghar Ali, a well-known writer, left his luxurious flat in Dhaka and started living in a crowded slum in Muffsball. Just as Dhemki pretends to be rice when he goes to heaven, so he also tries to write the first horror novel of his life sitting in that slum. So far everything was going well. But when Sachchu, another slum dweller at a tea stall in the slum area, told me about a mysterious tilapia fish, Mr. Asghar was really interested.

Sachchu attacked a mysterious cave where an unearthly light shone on the dark night of the new moon and some strange creatures with horrible alien faces came ashore leaving the water. Briguda is a small village in Australia. Judith Durham, a resident of this quiet village, had a strange dream every night. Then her husband started having the same dream.

Gradually the whole village of Briguda became entangled in the magic of that dream. The villagers became desperate to find an explanation for that nightmare. But one morning it was seen that the whole village had become a playground of terrible destruction. Not an animal survives! And on the wall of the only church in the village is a strange line written with human blood – “Pinkry Reticra Kreit Spakra Likrit!”

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Rehman Siddique, a lecturer in criminology at a private university, and his younger sister Farhana are looking for strange creatures. Evidence of their existence can be found in the history of thousands of years ago. Those animals had their own language. Asghar Ali and Sachchur met them from that source. Everyone is confronted with a truth close to the mysterious and supernatural.

That truth has come up again and again throughout the ages. That fact has been observed in the case of the bitch Alice, Natasha from Siberia, and Lalna, an ordinary slum dweller. And most importantly, it is the ancient truth that has taken away countless fresh lives. A word flashed over everything. Three!

Lesson Response: When I sit down to write a review of Zahid Hossain’s book, I feel a little confused. There was so much to be fascinated by in his earlier novels that I couldn’t figure out which one to leave and which one to discuss. The novel ‘One pair of eyes looking for another pair of eyes’ is no exception. This time Zahid Hossain has worked on the genre of Lovecroftian Horror written with the insertion of strange and unexplained past events.

World-renowned author H. P. This genre was born in the hands of Lovecraft. From the beginning to the end of this love, I have noticed a wonderful combination of fear and mystery. The use of trilingual language has given the story an enjoyable idiosyncrasy of mystery and added a touch of excitement to the traditional ghostly atmosphere. And because the novel was written in the context of Bangladesh, the reading experience was also great for me. ‘Looking for a pair of eyes, looking for another pair of eyes’ is truly a different kind of horror thriller.

Federal Board Biology Book 1st Year PDF Download

federal board 1st year biology book pdf download 2020 full


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