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[PDF] Emotional Intelligence book in Tamil PDF free download

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BooK: Emotional Intelligence book in Tamil PDF free download

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In his fascinating book, Daniel Goleman scrutinizes the notion of Emotional intelligence. the first chapter of this book is about neurological aspects of our emotions. He explains why we developed specific emotions such as anger, stress, joy, fear and… during the course of evolution. Then he thoroughly illustrates the limbic system ( emotional center in the brain) which is very insightful but if you don’t like scientific explanations you can skip this part of the book. The second part of the book is the best and the most practical part. Goleman introduces five major skills related to emotional intelligence.

These parts are:

1- The ability of detecting your emotions, which is the keystone of emotional intelligence. For example to be aware of that “ I am angry at the moment”

2- Managing emotions : people who can handle their emotions appropriately are considered intelligent in this part. The author of the book states several methods to manage your anger and other frustrations efficiently and solve their roots in order to be mentally stable.

3- Master aptitude: This is the most interesting part of the book. Goleman shows that if you are a person who delaying impulsive gratifications for your goals, motivate yourself, believe that you are capable of doing anything and change yourself when get defeated to overcome the difficulties with some extra endeavor and you always have hope that you will find a way to achieve what you want. these traits all indicate that you are great at this part.

4-Recognizing emotions in others: 4th part of emotional intelligence is to have empathy. You should be able to detect what people feels from their body movements or their tuned speech and other emotional signals. Lack of empathy could lead to some catastrophic events such as rape or child abuse or even torturing people.

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5- Handling relations: this is the last part of emotional intelligence. You ought to have the ability to know the consequences of your behavior on others’ feelings. People who are proficient at this part are always loved by others because they know how to keep people happy and satisfied, how to persuade people in order to comply with their requests, and how to transmit their positive feelings to depressed people.

If someone is good at all of these five skills, he or she is considered to be an emotionally intelligent person.
Daniel Goleman cites so many scientific studies to prove the fact that emotional intelligence is far more important than IQ. And believe me he is totally right. Why is that? Read the book to find out.

Emotional Intelligence book in Tamil PDF free download

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