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Book: Emotional Intelligence book in Marathi PDF download

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Emotional Intelligence is a book that was recommended to read on a management course that I took, oh, some time way back towards the beginning of the century. The course was taught by a middle aged white woman from southern-Africa.

She also recommend Covey’s book The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, but in my enthusiasm that didn’t put me off from reading this, perhaps because of an exercise she conducted with us in which you think of something that you’d like to do but haven’t done and then trace back the reasons why you have not done this thing until you get down to fear. This resonated with me (view spoiler).

Anyroad, thenabouts I read Emotional Intelligence in a double edition with Working with Emotional Intelligence. I lent that volume to a colleague and never got it back, I got a second copy which I lent to my Mother and I never got that back either (view spoiler). Finally in recent times I fell across a copy of Emotional Intelligence.

The volume was in a bad way, browned and battered. More ready to prop up a wobbly table leg than to be read. The plus side of a book in this condition is that when you stand on a station platform reading in the mizzle as it pizzles down from December skies you accept this as part of the natural life cycle of a book. First treasured, finally read in all weathers and abandoned on a train.

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Rereading this was a curious experience. I suppose I had absorbed so much from my first reading that reading it again much of what it said seemed self-evident. Plainly my appreciation of the role of emotion in thought had changed so much I could no longer understand and value the book as I did as a first time reader, although I still enjoyed the anecdote about a drunk on a Japanese metro train(view spoiler) .

You know how water trickles down through limestone in curious courses and cunning people in search of wisdom pour in coloured water to record how long it takes to flow out – there is something of that in rereading this book.

It was first published in 1995 and while some ideas have flowed out in to the wider culture others are still percolating through- Jon Cabot Zinn and his Mindfulness programme are referred to here while we only had a flurry of related articles in the UK press and news over the last eighteen months or so, sometimes the cultural currents take very circuitous routes indeed.

Alternatively, I could see this book as a Matrushka. Nestled within it are the next generations of popular science books, the Malcolm Gladwell one about needing to accomplish 10,000 hours of practice in a given field, Csikszentmihalyi’s one on Flow, and doubtless others I didn’t recognize.

I would recommend it to those who were in the same position as myself some years ago, not bent backed and round-shouldered, but schooled in thinking in terms of rational decision making which didn’t seem adequate when looking at the surrounding office let alone the wider world, as a first primer into the hows and implications of emotion in thought from families to workplaces.

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And as a corrective, this is important when one happens to live in a country with elections, jury trials, and a market economy. The assumption of rationality sits alongside explicit attempts to tap into our emotional responses (view spoiler). Tuning into our emotions, Goleman argues, is the first step in avoiding being entirely driven by them.

In terms of history, culture, society, all those big things and what is needed to bring abut change this book reminds me again of water percolating down through limestone. Things take their own time, where and when they emerge is not something that can be known in advance. Looking over this book again it strikes me how twenty years is barely a blink of an eye when it comes to changing fundamental mental models.

Emotional Intelligence book in Marathi PDF download

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