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[PDF] Eat That Frog! for students PDF Download | Eat That Frog Action Workbook pdf free download

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Book: Eat That Frog! for students PDF Download | Eat That Frog Action Workbook pdf free download

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Ever since I was in class six or seven, I used to write every line with a pen if there was anything difficult. The day Nanu died, everyone in the house was crying. And I was constantly rubbing the pen. The ink on the page would solidify bluish with tears. I felt the same way after writing, as I felt after crying a lot in sorrow. I felt strange then. It seemed painful. Everyone is crying, I am also crying with my chest open, but the rain is falling in letters.

There is such an entity hidden in the book that I will narrate today. Where the main character says,
“Writing is a horrible job for me. Sometimes I spend a whole month just writing a sentence. Sometimes after writing for three days and three nights in a row, I realize that everything I wrote is actually wrong.”

The story begins with an anecdote of eighteen days. The protagonist of the story is a 21-year-old unnamed togbag. Whose dream is to become a writer. Three times in the spring of love in life. But every time the relationship has failed to get stability. He studied at a university in Tokyo.

Every summer goes home on vacation. Our story also started in that summer vacation. The story of about eighteen days, beginning on August 6, 1970, and ended on the 28th of the same year. The author goes to his hometown which is basically a port city. In this port city on the seashore is his dear friend, Rod.

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Incidentally two friends had the same dream. Ryatt also dreams of becoming a writer. He wants to write a serious novel about dung beetles. He claims that two things in his story are important in the past. First, no sexual details can be given. And second, the story doesn’t show anyone’s death.

Although in reality writing does none of this. In the day-to-day work, Rott J eats beer at an older brother’s bar; And plays pinball. Meanwhile, the main character of the story, like the fourth time in the life of our writer, the spring of love comes again.

This time the love is completely different. The first of the first three loves happened at the age of seventeen. High school classmate. The separation took place a few months after graduation. The author is given to the second love girl at Shinjuku station on the subway. The girl lived there.

Half dirty clothes, unkempt hair. The girl never said where she came from. In this way, the girl also merged one day without knowing it. The third love was in university. First visit to the library. He was found hanged in a small forest at the far end of the tennis court in early spring the following year!

This time spring is coming again in the life of the writer. The beginning of a deep resh. Is this spring ahead of the author? Or do people always want to run away from their own existence? As soon as I read modern Japanese literature, I can fully understand Marx’s theory of the Elimination.

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The tension in the relationship, the instability in the form of this global village of globalization should always identify the mental misery. Here’s the Wind Sing and so on, a journey of eighteen days of depression. The protagonist of the novel is the author, who still polishes his father’s shoes to preserve the family tradition or, to put it bluntly, polishes his shoes.

The huge bridge of emotional distance between father and child has come though. Meanwhile, despite being the son of a wealthy friend, Ratt has an intense reluctance towards his rich. Everyone seems to be drowning in the middle of non-receipt.

Eat That Frog! for students PDF Download | Eat That Frog Action Workbook pdf free download

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