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[PDF] Eat That Frog book in Marathi pdf download

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Book: Eat That Frog book in Marathi pdf download

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Have you ever read a book and found a unique entity in your mind, or got so lost in the world of thought that one of the author’s ideas gave you new food for thought and you closed the book and surrendered yourself to that food?

In fact, finding myself in every layer of a literary work of a writer means that not only the success of that writer, but also my self-satisfaction as a reader. After reading the famous writer Ahmad Shafar’s “Flower, Tree and Bihanga Purana”, I felt that complacency and rediscovered myself.

There are very few people who are not familiar with Ahmad Shafar’s writing style. And as a reader, it is through this book that I get a taste of his literary work. The author recounts some of the most thought-provoking and captivating reminiscences of his life here with a simple and fluent language style, which did not take a single moment to make him extraordinary to me.

Nature teaches us to love, to generously accept all the truths of the world, and at the same time to be enlightened by creating a wonderful combination of tenderness and hardness in our minds.

Near nature we find the power to live with our heads held high, a strong effort to re-arrange life. And the writer himself found the same inspiration, enthusiasm and strength by going up and down the path of life.

Reading this book of the author, I got to know how much those consciousnesses are shaken when they are immersed in love for nature, thoughts, dreams and dreams.

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He has carefully nurtured every one of his trees in every field of his own fascination – be it eyeballs, basil, apples or small eggplant seedlings that have been neglected and trampled underfoot.

After reading the book, any reader like me is forced to believe that the process of exchanging human and tree feelings is two-way. In other words, not only do we love their beauty, but they also love to feel all the caress and affection towards us with the touch of our tender hands.

And in return we are reminded of some fond memories. And here the identity of the generosity of the Creator is obvious.

Suffice it to say that the author’s deep affection and love for the various aspects of nature, which he has expressed from his personal point of view, is truly commendable.

Those like me who love nature, love the beauty of flowers and trees, love to fly in the sky, even those who are not accustomed to observing nature seriously, are bound to be fascinated by reading the book, to be the sole inhabitant of a newly created infallible world of their own thoughts.

Eat That Frog book in Marathi pdf download

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