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Book: Eat That Frog Book in Hindi PDF

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Seventy-two Banamali is a mess in Naskar Lane. Ghanshyam Das alias Ghanada lives in this mess. The other members of the mess are the storytellers, Gaur, Shibu, and Shishir. There is Chakar Banwari and another Radhuni. Although the four young men do different things on working days, their only hope in the holidays is dense stories.

But it is not so easy to get a story or a statement of his experience out of Ghanadar’s mouth. And after all this, if Ghanadar’s mind melts, then all the wonderful stories can be found. This collection of dense stories contains a total of twenty-eight stories from six storybooks. So what did I get by reading the stories?

Simply put, pure entertainment. Where Tenida used to kill elephants in two or four villages around it, the density spread all over the world. From the Japanese island to the American coast – his walk all over the world. And on these trips he talked about solving various mysteries of a wide range. His mission ranges from saving endangered animals to mad scientists to saving the world.

The main humor of the stories is found at the beginning and end of each story where the Mess residents persuade Ghanada to tell the story and at the end are shocked. Greed for food, breaking the standard, seizing techniques, coughing to suppress laughter, collecting cigarettes, etc.

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are quite interesting. And the interesting thing is that Premendra Mitra has chosen the content of these stories from important contemporary scientific facts. Important issues such as UFOs or atom bombs or marine pollution or the protection of endangered species have come up in the stories.

His munsiana is to present this information in an incredible yet instructive and fun way through a dense campaign.
On the other hand, I would say that the beginning and the end of almost every story, the bullying of the trapped scientist and his associates, the dense worldwide acquaintance, almost the same protection from every danger, etc. are annoying. I mean, most of the stories are the same, the author seems to have written most of the stories in one mold.

Eat That Frog Book in Hindi PDF

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