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Book: Desi Ilaj Books in Urdu Free Download

Author: Noor Ahmed

Size: 10MB

Gharelu Nuskhe book Asan Ilaj by Hakeem Noor Ahmed PDF download or read online. Easy home treatment methods in the local Urdu language. Asan Elaj ka tariqa Kitab or Hikamt book in PDF format. In this Urdu Hikmat book the authorâ composed how to effortlessly get your wellbeing fit by following the proposals, he said in this local Urdu Kutub.

A few days ago, I read a book called “The Bible, the Qur’an and Modern Science” by Maurice Bucaille. In the book, the author has analyzed the Qur’an, the Bible and other religious texts very nicely. After all the analysis, he realized that modern science is most closely related to the verses of the Qur’an.

At the beginning of the book, he says, “I first examine the Qur’an with a completely neutral mind and without any preconceived notions, and look at the consistency of the Qur’an’s description with the information of modern science. I did not have any detailed knowledge then. Then when I started reading and examining the Qur’an in the original Arabic language, I started preparing a list of all those facts and contents.

There is no description that can be contradicted from the point of view of modern science. ” I read the book with fascination. The author prefers reference to reason throughout the book and this is what I like best.
Thousands of people lined up to buy the book after it was published.

Many also converted to Islam after reading the book. After giving a review on the same day, some people asked, “It is doubtful whether Maurice Bucaille himself converted to Islam. Why didn’t he himself convert to Islam after analyzing the Qur’an so beautifully?” It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

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But to me it is not a big fact. The truth has been revealed that this is the big thing whether he is a Christian or a Muslim! Now let’s talk about Arif Azad Bhai’s “Paradoxical Sajid”. That book was published in the last book fair. Immediately after the publication, Tulakalam got stuck with the book. As soon as book reviews, book related posts and even the name of the book came up, the people of the group started splitting into three groups.

In the first part Sajid’s supporters, in the second part Sajid’s haters and in the third part we are the unfortunate admins who can’t go anywhere. In every post about Sajid, there was more abuse than argument and refutation. Some would throw the book into the air out of respect and some would call it a mad delirium. After hearing so many compliments and bad compliments, one day I read the book with great attention and the book seemed to be my book and nothing else!

Whether there is a Creator or not, where He is and where He is and why there are billions of people relying on nothing for years. The answers to these questions are not being sought today. How much do I know!
I said one thing in the review of Paradoxical Sajid. I heard that from one of my elder brothers. The point is, where there is faith, why go looking for an argument?

Finding an argument means proving that I had a flaw in my beliefs. In paradoxical Sajid, the author has argued in favor of the creator and in what argument have you jumped for joy after reading them? You are a believer, a believer in the Creator, the first condition for you to be a believer is to believe in the Creator.

The paradoxical Sajid is not written for believers, it is written for atheists who do not believe in the existence of a Creator. But I don’t think atheists read the book halfway! And when it is read, it is taken as a comedy, and it is Sajid’s fans who are provoking them!

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I have seen some posts. At the beginning of those posts, the poster said, Sajid broke the teeth of atheists !!
In those posts, Sajid’s opponents joked for a while and spread insults in the name of the creator. The book that has been written to create love for the Creator for the sake of the book, the anger towards the Creator is increasing manifold!

Desi Ilaj Books in Urdu Free Download

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