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Book: Case Files Pediatrics 5th Edition PDF Download

Author: Eugene C. Toy, MD

Size: 12MB

We appreciate all the kind remarks and suggestions from the many medical students over the past 3 years. Your positive reception has been an incredible encouragement, especially in light of the short life of the Case Files® series. In this fifth edition of Case Files®: Pediatrics, the basic format of the book has been retained. Improvements were made in updating many of the sections, including grouping of the cases in a more logical order for students to more easily cross-reference cases.

Case Files Pediatrics 5th Edition PDF Review

Mooseball city Sundarpur. Beautiful as the picture. It goes without saying that there is nothing significant except the beauty of nature, but everyone knows that Rabindranath never came here to eat! Why didn’t he come, why are so many people rushing there! A stranger came and appeared in that Sundarpur. His movements are vague and mysterious. Very few people there know what he wants to know.

And when it was known, a thrilling story came out. The irony is that the opportunity to tell that thrilling story to someone is really hard! Noor Safa, a well-known officer of DB police, came to Sundarpur as a journalist with the responsibility of unraveling the mystery of the disappearance of a young man. Upon investigation, he found the missing secrets of some other youths.

The last destination of all of them is the restaurant “Rabindranath never came here to eat”. Is there any connection between the restaurant and the disappearance of these youths or did Noor Chafa go down in that investigation?
The restaurant “Rabindranath never came here to eat” is on the ground floor of a nice bungalow on the side of the highway. The place as a restaurant is strange. There is no menu on the table. This is also strange. No waiter is in sight. There is no one around. Absolutely exceptional scene.

Noor Chafa stared in shock at the sudden sound. There is a man standing behind him. If there was no menu in hand, the customer would have made a mistake. Went through the menu. You see. I’ll be back if I need to order. The boy left. How will this waiter know when I need to order! Strange! Noor Chafa was thinking.

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The names of the foods you see on the menu are mostly unfamiliar. Some items are marked separately. As Mushkan’s special.

What is Mushkan’s? Is it the name of an Arabic-Persian dish? Such as Lebanese Shawarma!
Noor Shafa realized that this restaurant is very good at creating mystery, creating mystery and revealing it. Mystery! He said in his mind to break it.

The waiter asked, “What’s the matter?” Arabian or Persian cuisine? It’s a name, sir. What’s the name? The name of the owner of our restaurant. He is the one who made all our menus, said the waiter boy.
Then a woman who owns this strange restaurant said in her mind.

Noor Shafa came out of the washroom and was surprised. The food has already arrived. The smoke is rising from the white rice like pearls. Musk’s curry smells of an unknown and tempting smell. The bowl of pulses did not escape his eyes. Nice color! He had never seen such a beautiful colored stalk. There are small pieces of red-green chillies floating in the stalks.

Ten minutes later he discovered that he had forgotten everything around him and was just eating.
Muskan Zuberi is a mysterious woman! No one in the area knows much about it. Noor Safar met Atar Ali, a police informant at a tea shop opposite the restaurant. Atar Ali has all the news of the area. That’s why everyone calls him BBC. Atar Ali is proud of it.

When Attar Ali was asked about Mushkan Juberi, he said, “That Betty is not a local man. She has been to Sundarpur for a few years. How can I know her history in Mainz? Muskan Zuberi has a lot of power. DC, SP, UNO, TNO, MP all follow him. According to Atar Ali, Betty is doing magic to everyone! The thriller T goes ahead with the story of the discovery of the missing secret of DB police Noor Chafar with the police informant Atar Ali.

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Personal opinion: A very beautiful thriller. Nice to read the story. The author’s writing style is alive. The lines were drawn while reading in front of the eyes. Muskan Zuberi Mysterious character is impossibly interesting. Atir Ali’s character is also presented in a very interesting way. The second part of this book is “Rabindranath never came here”. I am waiting to get the book.

Case Files Pediatrics 5th Edition PDF

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