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[PDF] Camp Jupiter Classified pdf google drive | Camp Jupiter classified pdf Weebly | Camp Jupiter classified read Online

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Book: Camp Jupiter Classified pdf google drive | Camp Jupiter classified pdf Weebly | Camp Jupiter classified read Online

Type: Adventure

Size: 14MB

“The Olympians will probably be fine – that lot seems to survive everything thrown at them. It’s the minor deities I’m afraid for.”

As far as novellas come Camp Jupiter Classified had far more plot than I had originally thought it would have.

First, I had thought it would be very similar to the previously published Camp Half-Blood Confidential which centered greatly on giving us an exclusive and fuller view of our beloved camp. However, we do know more of the ins and outs of Camp Jupiter by this point, so it comes to reason that we are given a different approach to the situation.

Still, we get the inside look of a new probation and her experience coming to camp in a mostly normal way.

“The First retaliated with venom. (The verbal kind, not the actual venom. At least… I don’t think so.)”

The book is brimming with Riordan’s usual snark and sarcasm and humor that makes even the direst of situations an enjoyable endeavor making this novella a highly easy and enjoyable read that it’s perfect to relax.

It doesn’t have a lot of nuances or overcomplications. No, we embark on a bit of mystery and lose no time into putting matters right and discovering the dynamics between the ranks of the legion.

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The journal-ish style of storytelling was the perfect way to tell a story that could have easily been very long and simplify it into something told matter-of-factly and to the point. It doesn’t diminish the experience in the least and it was personal.

Sure, it does leave little space for dialogue but it is not something that was too weird to not have or missed too greatly.

“Especially because I knew next to nothing about my family until two months ago.”

I laughed a lot reading this novella and it was great to see this place in a different light, from the perspective of someone that doesn’t know all the drama that had happened previously. Like, a bit of a respite while still been enveloped in a world that I am well and truly obsessed with.

Now, I wouldn’t say this is my favorite work from between the Percy Jackson universe, not by a long shot, but it was a pretty oaky read that did its job in giving me a bit more of the famous and acclaimed Camp Jupiter.

“As usual, when tragedy strikes, the powerless and disenfranchised are the ones who suffer most.”

That was a fun… though, I’ll admit, that Claudia did annoyed me some.

Still, it was nice and a lot different than what I thought it was gonna be.


I am so ready to read this little companion book!

A couple of years back I remember reading the Camp Half-Blood version and it was so much fun to learn a bit more of a place that had been central to so many adventures. So, I can only imagine that this time around is gonna be just as fun and rewarding.

It’s also sure to be a fast, light, easy read which will feel nice right about now.

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How dare this book hid from me?!

Seriously, how did I not know this existed until right now? MONTHS after it’s publication.

It’s a travesty.

It’s a sin.

It needs to be immediately fixed. I need to atone for it.

Not to worry, I’ll fix it presently.

Would our situation have got so out of control if people had opened up and shared what they knew sooner? Maybe.

This was a good little novella that i enjoyed reading and meeting some new characters that i do hope join us in the last book of the trials of apollo series.

Claudia is a very resourceful and a caring person that is also very protective with friends and will do anything to protect them. I found her a different breath of fresh air and a very different voice to the other characters that have appeared in the series.

This journal just shows her day to day life at camp jupiter while also trying to uncover someone messing with the camp in the process. This is when her resourcefulness kicks in and along with her friends come up with a plan to stop who’s messing with the camp and they actually succeed in their task.

Even though this doesn’t add anything to the main story i still did enjoy a different little story and a move away from the main series.

I enjoyed reading it way more than I thought I would!
I was a bit disappointed at first that it didn’t include much of the original characters from HoO, but it STILL remains to be so much fun for me to read about the adventures of any demigod, whoever that may be.
It doesn’t contain any substantial content BUT it’s perfect as a light-read!

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Camp Jupiter Classified pdf google drive | Camp Jupiter classified pdf Weebly | Camp Jupiter classified read Online

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