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Book: Art of Drawing The Human Body PDF Free Download

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Budding artists can master the toughest and most treasured technique of all: portraying the beauty, grace, and personality of the human body. This wonderful tutorial, and a variety of inspiring sketches on every page, provide the solid technical foundation needed to depict every type of figure—young or old, male or female, standing, sitting, or in motion—and with style.

Intricately detailed drawings, some with grids, help capture the correct proportions for head, torso, arms, and legs; add light and shadow for tonal depth; and create texture, volume, and expressive lines. A thorough study of the nude and the development of preliminary sketches make this an extraordinary value.

I wouldn’t recommend this book. Quite basic and not exactly a good sample at that.

Figures are stiff and there’s no fluidity whatsoever, (although it is mentioned in theory in the ‘Rhythm’ section of the book) which is an essential part of figure drawing. If you’re a beginner, this book might at some parts throw you off since the tips and techniques used here are… well, just mere techniques and basics can be found in any other anatomy book (I’m not talking about “basic” basic books!) but with more explanation.

Do yourself a favor and read Bridgman, Loomis, Dorne, Vilppu, and Hogarth instead!

Excellent examples of the basics of figure drawing. I wish I had bought this book first, it would’ve saved me a lot of money that I wasted on other books. It takes the reader through a logical progression of approaches and drawing techniques. My figure drawing has not only improved immensely, I’m not getting so frustrated trying to get basic things like proportions right. It also contains some excellent practice exercises and suggestions.

I’m kinda scratching my head at the reviewers that gave it a poor rating; I’ve spent a LOT of money on figure drawing books and this is one of the few that really helped me improve. To each his own, I guess. Buy it from the Marketplace and it won’t break the bank to check it out.

“The Art of Drawing the Human Body,” we are told within its pages, was translated into English by Edgar Loy Fankbonner. The actual author of the book, to my knowledge, is nowhere identified. Why not?

That is a minor annoyance. What’s worse is the author’s use of other people’s work without citing the source material.

On page 74 of the paperback, behind the text is an illustration of a seated nude that is clearly copied after Harold Speed, from his excellent book, “The Practice and Science of Drawing.” No credit is given.

On page 77, there is a sequence of “blocked” figures going through the motions of an uppercut. These figures are also copied directly out of another book, Preston Blair’s “Cartoon Animation.” Again, no credit is given.

I have to wonder if any of the other illustrations in this book were also copied from other books.

In both cases aforementioned, the illustrations are not merely “inspired” by the source material, nor “interpreted” from it, but are COPIED by the author to the best of his ability.

Which brings me to another point: The original drawings in this book (i.e. the ones that are not plagiarized) are just not very good. They pale in comparison to the works of, say, Andrew Loomis, Willy Pogany and Victor Perard. Some of them are downright awful, ill-proportioned and amateurish. Why choose this inferior instructor when you can learn from the professionals? How much can one expect to learn from an author who himself obviously still has a lot of learning to do?

There IS some useful information in this book, but it is much the same information one would get out of any decent book on figure drawing. What differentiates “The Art of Drawing the Human Body” from the competition is that much of the information herein is presented in bits and pieces, scattered around the pages, with nothing really organized or fleshed out.

This, also, may be attributed to the author’s seeming inexperience; It is as if he had heard of this or that method of conceiving the figure, but didn’t really know much about it, so he gives you a tidbit in a caption under a little picture and leaves it at that. Not at all helpful.

“The Art of Drawing the Human Body” is also plagued by that problem, so common in modern books on drawing, of using lots of words to say little or nothing. For example:

“Perspective need not be a problem, for it, too, can be used to establish a clear background, and thus the comparison of the size of the figure with the objects in the background can be extremely practical in achieving a realistic representation of the figure itself and its surroundings.”

Maybe something was lost in the translation.

If you want to read a lot of text and actually learn something useful, get Speed’s book, or Richard G. Hatton’s “Figure Drawing,” or John H. Vanderpoel’s “The Human Figure.” All three authors were accomplished artists and capable writers.

If you prefer a more visual approach to learning, go for Loomis (out of print but available used), Pogany, Perard or Jack Hamm.

Art of Drawing The Human Body PDF Free Download

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