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[PDF] Aab E Hayat Urdu Novel PDF Download by Umera Ahmed

Hello everybody. Today we will share Aab E Hayat Urdu Novel PDF Download by Umera Ahmed link. We hope you will love this.

Book: Aab E Hayat Urdu Novel PDF Download

Author: Umera Ahmed

Size: 20MB

Aab e Hayat complete episode written by Umera Ahmed, Urdu novels read online or download in PDF file format. Aab-e-Hayat is the second piece of Peer-e-Kamil. This is a famous Urdu novel and another perfect work of art of Umera Ahmed. Umaira Ahmed most famous female Urdu novels and stories writer from Pakistan she writes many famous novels in  Urdu local language. 

I had to enter his room and startle. Today is enough The cold is just like that, even in this cold, the flower has left the AC. Suddenly I felt as if I had gone to the North Pole. Only one shade lamp was lit in the house. After a pleasant exchange, Shawkat asked, how did I see it? Great, you’re doing such a thing, it was hard to believe. Why?

Suddenly his voice was serious and I said, no, I mean, there was a problem with his speech for a while – after he recovered, he didn’t talk to her anymore! Suddenly they are here? Where did I find it? I turned around to lighten the environment and said where are you doing tomorrow? I am going to India on the morning flight. Shaw is there next week. Rumi said, can he suddenly wake up to this desire?

Without answering the question and vice versa, he asked us, do you know why I wanted to be a ventriloquist right after I was born? The reason is – the doctor told me I could never be normal again. Hearing that, I went and stood on the edge of the roof of Samir’s under-construction six-story house that day, but did not dare. I came back to say.
Later one day I found a saint, Ley People Says the ghost, basically a black magician.

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That man didn’t have the courage to go to him, why didn’t he give me back, he had the ability to express the anger in my eyes. He looked at me and said, you are a babe, but his soul is not a babe. I can talk about it, but it is suicidal. Go away, no need. I made a dummy doll and took it away a few days later. I didn’t understand what you did then, after a long time I adopted that method. What did he do?

They have no idea what they have done. From then on, Damita spoke, and I met Reverse Ventrilaquism! Rumi exclaims in amazement, “So what dummy did you do today, it also carries the soul of a human being?” Something more than a roommate. My body is also under the control of Dummy. My soul actually settles there. As he spoke, Shawkat fell down, safe. Lying down And I haven’t noticed for so long that the puppet is sitting on one side of the safari.

It doesn’t feel good in the dark. Suddenly it seems that he turned his head and looked at us. Ha, to make the face bigger. The eyes are shining, I don’t know if the eyes are wrong. It feels like something red inside the mouth. I remember it took the tongue to speak. A cold, cold voice came out of his body, ‘They are leaving, they are leaving now. Otherwise danger. There was something in his voice that we could not ignore.

I didn’t really understand what the whole thing was about, but I was shocked to hear her whisper in the dark in the cold room, it seemed like something very bad was happening. Who knows what happened to Rumi, he suddenly felt angry, shouted, ‘You killed Runu? Shawkat chewed hard and said, “Don’t kill me, I’m not a murderer.

I’m just a mainstream ventriloquist. I don’t know how I got out of the room.” He ran down from the hotel and grabbed a CNG. I never thought that anyone would have such an experience!

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now download Aabe Hayat complete Urdu novel in the high-quality view complete book with clear text. Read more Umera Ahmed novels Peer e Kamil and Sehar Aik Istara Hai.

Aab E Hayat Urdu Novel PDF Download

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