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[PDF] 6 Kalimas with Urdu Translation PDF Download

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Book: 6 Kalimas with Urdu Translation PDF Download

Type: 6 Kalimas

Size: 20MB

6 Kalma With Urdu And English Translation PDF Download or read online. initially learn to study Six Kalimas in Arabic with complete English and Urdu translation in Tajweedi formate. you may also study first kalima, 2nd kalima, third kalima, fourth kalima, and sixth kalima with accurate guidelines of tajweed. 

“It’s done, it’s done, now there’s nothing to say. I, Malati Mukherjee, one’s wife and one’s mother, I did it. I did it with Jayantu, Jayantu wanted me, I wanted him too. Nayananshu may have thought I did it before, but no — today is the first. Tonight, four hours ago. In this bed. Where Malati is lying now. ”

The novel begins with this simple confession of the heroine of the novel Malati Mukherjee. Throughout the novel, Nayananshu and Malati’s marital life is revealed through such open autobiography. And in order to highlight that conflict, the writer Buddhadev Bose did not cover up what is naked. The author did not want to pull the veil of nudity unnecessarily and make it ugly.

Due to which, the reader will never have the possibility of becoming impatient while reading a novel written in 1986. Again, the reality of the novel will seem to be a constant occurrence around the present time.

There are five chapters in the novel “Rain throughout the night”. In the first and third chapters, Malati speaks openly about her body and mind. And in the second and fourth chapters, Nayanangshu highlights his own limitations and victories and defeats through his analysis of himself.

The way the problem was getting worse till the fourth chapter, the conscious reader seems to be skeptical about the conclusion of the novel. But in the fifth chapter, the author Buddhadev Bose has tried to draw the conclusion of the novel by appearing quite abruptly.

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It is this society that teaches Malati to perceive Nayananshu in order to adapt her to the modern educated society. While mixing with that modern society, Malati got involved in an illicit relationship with Jayantu. And Malati discovers herself in a different way with Jayantu.

Understands the limitations of her husband Nayanangshu. People who read Nayananshu’s book and follow different ideas, Malati can guess it well. Gradually Malati became a defendant in various aspects of Nayanangshu. Malati became very hard on her thoughts. Even Malati, after having intercourse with Jayanthu, says without hesitation.

6 Kalimas with Urdu Translation PDF Download

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