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Book: 15 Line Color Coded Quran PDF Download

Type: Color Coded

Size: 20MB

15 Line Quran With Color Tajweed PDF Free Download Or Read online from this blog easy read or get pdf from this blog. Al-Quran 15 Lines Hafizi with Tajweed Rules by Qudrat Ullah Company The Qur’an is God’s gift to the Ummah. Here, Taj Company has developed the Quran in a small mobile Android application. 15 lines are often used in mosques and madrassas to memorize the Quran. 

After saying goodbye to Hasan, Rumi and I sat down with the seat. Originally there was a magic show, several foreign magicians were also performing and I was getting a lot of pleasure along with the local magicians, suddenly Shawkat entered the stage. Even after seeing it for a long time, there was no problem in recognizing it. There is more anger than before, the impression of age under the eyes. A wooden doll in hand, a baby boy-like face, wearing a coat-tie.

The lower jaw can be moved as soon as you see it well. Shawkat said to the doll, ‘Gilu, greet everyone!’ A soft voice came out of the doll’s neck – why? Can you say hello? This is the rule, if you meet with the people to do it first! Otatae Taemadera human rule, am I human? You also have to be human, everyone wants to be human, don’t you know? The wooden doll Pinnacio also wanted to be human – don’t you remember? You don’t lie?

It’s over, and I don’t want to be human, I want you to be a puppet like me. In this way the conversation goes on, the conversation is covered with applause and laughter .. Rumi reminds me from the side, notice, it is a little different from other conversations. What happens when two people talk, often with one The other person’s words overlap. I started noticing the gap between Putul and Shawkat’s voice without listening.

And I realized there was a big gap between the two throats, so maybe Shawkat couldn’t be such a high level ventriloquist right now. We immediately went out to catch him. We failed to enter the restroom of the magicians, there was a standing type of Fazil type standing there. We could not take advantage of Shawkat’s friend. Rumi’s head began to bleed. He was already short-tempered enough and almost got into a fight with Darayan.

Shawkat went to his room as soon as he finished the window. He gave the address of the hotel where Shawkat stayed. The hotel was not far away. The receptionist said he had told her not to meet Kara. Look, we are old friends, you give me a phone call in the room, we will understand as soon as we talk. II was becoming intolerant inside, right now
Shawkat started breaking like celebrities !!

So that it is easy for the guards to repeat the destination. Our protectors can keep the PDF version on their smartphones. You can also get help with recitation during your work and travel. You may be read Quran Majeed Taj Company 15-line Download or Quran Majeed 18 Lines.

15 Line Color Coded Quran PDF Download

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