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Paras Urdu Novel by Nimra Ahmed PDF Free Download

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Book: Paras Urdu Novel by Nimra Ahmed PDF Free Download

Author: Nimra Ahmed

Size: 12 Mb

Free download very famous Urdu novel Paras by Nimra Ahmed.This is very popular social and romantic Novel in the Urdu Language.Nemrah Ahmed is a younger, noted Pakistani novelist. From love story to Novels relating with Quran she has written grasp portions. 

Umm Salama. Rasulullah S. His wife. From his life, the Prophet. It was an opportunity to learn many important facts about the life of the Nawabi. If the current female society studies her biography, she will be able to be enlightened in the light of guidance.
Umm Salama. He has accepted many sacrifices for Islam. He migrated to Medina and Abyssinia. Besides, the disbelievers of Makkah when the Prophet. He did not allow his companions to enter Makkah for Hajj, but because of their behavior, Omar made the treaty of Hudaybiyyah. Including all the disciples who are unhappy.

When the disciples were told to shave their heads and sacrifice animals, he did not obey. In such a delicate crisis situation, she played the role of an intelligent wife, advised her husband and made peace with the disciples.
From this incident, if the wives who are currently seeking the welfare of their husbands vow to benefit their husbands with the right advice at the right time from this incident of Ummahatul Muminin, family happiness and peace will return. Husband and wife will grow in gratitude for each other, love will be created.
Umm Salama.

He used to think about Quran. He wondered why Allah (swt) had not sent down any revelation for women in the Qur’an. When she asked her husband, Allah (swt) sent down verses on women in the Qur’an. If both modern men and women had thought deeply about the Qur’an at this time of Ramadan, Allah Almighty would have blessed the lives of His servants.
The Prophet. With this, his family life lasted for 6 long years.

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During this time she received answers to various questions of the women of the Ummah from her husband. As long as he lived, the women of the ummah benefited from him in jurisprudence. For today’s women, she wants to be a devoted soul for the welfare of the Ummah, but she should serve the Ummah by acquiring a deep knowledge of Islam from her husband like this majestic woman. Trying to remove ignorance from society.
Hasan from the position of caliph. After standing aside, Muawiyah said. When some Muslims were reluctant to take a pledge to him, he cited some of his family as examples and encouraged other Muslims to accept him as caliph.

He was alert and sincere about the unbroken bond between the Ummah. We also have a lot to learn from his foresight.
Quality of translation: There are ornaments in the description of Rashid Bhai of Jubayer. In addition to choosing simple words, he has made the style enjoyable by adding beautiful metaphors. Hopefully he will retain such work skills so that we can benefit from his creative work.

Paras Urdu Novel by Nimra Ahmed PDF Free Download

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