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Mushaf Novel PDF Download by Nimra Ahmed

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Book: Mushaf Novel PDF Download by Nimra Ahmed

Author:: Nimra Ahmed

Size: 23 Mb

Mushaf Novel by Nimra Ahmed free download PDF copy or read online. Famous Urdu novels and books by Famous Urdu writer Niram Ahmed. An Urdu novel about a defenseless vagrant young lady who finds the genuine significance of the blessed Quran which encourages her to adapt to the notions of her hopeless life. It showed up in March and August 2011 in Khawateen Urdu Digest.The story features the significance of not simply perusing the Holy Quran but rather understanding what is being said and why. 

Dream Shameless’ is a love song that is caught in the magic of Sunil’s dreams and reality. This is the story of the author’s real experience. Borrowing some from his own life, and some taking refuge in imagination in a writer-like manner – in the mixture of these two, Sunil Gangopadhyay has spoken of one of the loves of the youth of Sunil, a young man of thirty-two years, which at one time ended in failure.
The story has gone through a mental turmoil. There are several twists in the story.

In front of those turns, Sunil has ever felt like a hero to the heroine Manisha. Sometimes a villain and sometimes just a familiar man. Instead of looking for love, the author finds his own role in this love story. But never could. It is a completely different style of love novel based entirely on psychology, which is one of the most significant novels in Sunil’s vast writer life.

The author seems to be more focused on finding out the relevance of love than expressing it. The image that the author has shown to subdue the female mind in the imagination, without making it the main premise of not finding the bottom of the female mind, is extraordinarily beautiful. That beauty is not in the outward appearance, but in the inward. Because it shows us how a failed lover plays a love game with his loved ones in his imagination.

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And the most beautiful aspect of this novel is that at the very moment of the love game of imagination, the author himself wants to bring the difficult reality in front of his eyes and explain the nature of one-sided love. Actually but it is a triangle love story. Two friends love a girl. The girl’s name is Manisha whom Sunil and Hemant both love. The love between the two of them is invisible to Manisha. But to the two rivals but it is as simple as daylight. On the one hand, they want to get Manisha, on the other hand, they want to see their friend happier than themselves in the illusion of friendship.

With this a new psychological conflict started between the two friends. No one can lose to anyone in this conflict. But does anyone win? It doesn’t feel that way either. Sunil and Hemant never let Manisha know about their love. On the other hand, Manisha is also a very ‘little’ girl. So she also fails to catch the love of the two young men, but even if she can catch, she can’t decide which of the two to choose, so she marries a third one.

I don’t know if Manisha is happy with that third person. But not finding Manisha, the hearts of her two ex-boyfriends could have been shattered. Manisha also loses two true loves from life. One by one Manisha, Sunil, Hemant moved far away from each other. But writer Sunil has supernatural powers of dreaming. So he mixed the colors of his imagination and dreamed about Manisha. Whatever the reality, the dream is shameless.

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So in a shameless dream, he loves the people he loves like himself. In this way, Sunil has created a shameless dream show – ‘Dream Shameless’ with a pair of innumerable fragments of eternal love. Those who like Sunil’s love novel, must read the dream shameless. Otherwise, the reader will not be able to see how the three entities have differently viewed love from a dreamy, objective point of view.

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Mushaf Novel PDF Download by Nimra Ahmed

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