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Learn Python The Hard Way is a bestselling computer programming book that has helped many beginners get started with the most popular language in use today. Written by Zed Shaw, this beginner-friendly guide provides readers with everything they need to move from novice programmer to pro.
Check out some of the feedback on Amazon: “I found this book very helpful as I am new to programming and it was simple for me.” “One of the best resources out there. Check it out!”

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Title: Learn Python The Hard Way PDF Download

Author: Zed Shaw

Pages: 320

Description: “I know, I know…Programming is hard and you need to have a lot of experience before you can fully understand it. That’s absolutely wrong! You don’t need previous world-changing experience or years of education. When I was just 8 years old, I started programming in Python the Hard Way by Charles Parno because well, that’s what the title said! Now I am building my own AI for our blog at Write My Essay and saving lives along with it. And yeah, if you understood everything in this sentence then go ahead and check out more about how to read code because this really isn’t beginner level material. But if not no worries: follow the instructions given step below.

Python is a powerful programming language that’s popular in the education, science, and data analytics fields. But folks are always asking “why should I learn Python?”–especially when there are plenty of other languages out there. The answer? Well, for starters it has an enormously flexible syntax which means you can do anything from building web applications to writing games in just one language. This is great if you’re already dabbling with multiple front-end languages like JavaScript (or these days HTML5) and want to write something on the back-end too without having to pick up another language on top of all that–as well as being able to reuse many existing skills such as debugging tools and frameworks across those scripts.

From the author of How To Do Everything and How To Do It, comes a new book about learning to program. With Python! In Learn Python The Hard Way, you’ll learn the fundamentals of programming your computer in one sitting, with no prior knowledge required. There’s never been an easier way to get started than this: there are all kinds of helpful instructional illustrations and funny graphics to guide you every step of the way. Unlike other “Learn X” books that put theory before practice, each chapter only covers as much material as is needed for you to actually apply what you’ve learned–you won’t be overwhelmed by too much information or difficult concepts.

The Learn Python The Hard Way by Zed A. Shaw is the perfect book for those of you that want to learn a new programming language from scratch with no fuss or muss. From downloading and installing software, understanding basic syntax, all the way to debugging your own program code in under 7 hours—this is one tough course but it will pay off handsomely once you’ve mastered this awesome skill!

Now get ready to finally learn how to create whole programs on your own! Prepare yourself for 700 pages of pure python instruction mixed with wit, humor, and illustrated diagrams. After ordering your copy today at more than half off retail, just log-in (even if you don’t have an ‘account’!)

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Book reviews

Review 1:

Considering I’m a software developer by profession and already know enough Python to be dangerous, I’m definitely not the target audience for this book. I still bought it for 2 reasons: (1) I like Zed’s writing and also read his blog. (2) I also teach programming courses and thought this book might give me some good ideas on how to teach certain concepts to our students. I wasn’t disappointed, this book is an excellent introduction to programming, the methodology is refreshingly different from all the dreadful “Learn X in 21 days” books in that it actually stresses how tedious and annoying writing code can be and if you are a new software developer and use it like it’s intended, you’ll definitely learn a lot. I for one will recommend this in the future!

Review 2:

I don’t like Zed’s approach to teaching. Other learning resources are much more pedagogical and make learning fun and rewarding instead of frustrating. If you’re a total beginner I’d recommend starting here and getting some practice with the basics before moving on to books. It’ll make things more fun to be hands-on initially.

Review 3:

Not a fan of Zed’s tone, particularly in the early chapters, which made me set this book aside to read a different book in order to learn Python for a bit (Python Crash Course: A Hands-On, Project-Based Introduction to Programming by Eric Matthes) – especially since I already know how to program in several other languages.

That said, I’m glad I came back to this book for the later chapters, particularly about organizing game code since I love to write Interactive Fiction (IF) games and that kind of game is the example used through the entire second part of this book. I was also interested in the section for making it so your game could be played from a webpage.

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