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Koka Shastra Kashmiri Book In Urdu Free PDF Download

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Book: Koka Shastra Kashmiri Book In Urdu Free PDF Download

Author: Mufeed Alam Kashmiri

Size: 6 Mb

A new entry in the field of literature has been made by an exceptionally talented writer named Moslem Uddin Sagar. Writer Moslem Uddin Sagar has traveled in different branches of literature. He was born in 1965 in Kakuria village of Arurain union in Sarail Upazila of B-Baria district. Apart from his workplace, he is also working in Sahitya Sanskriti and Bangladesh Television. This outstanding writer is working in various branches of Bengali literature including stories, novels, essays, songs, poems. Among the novels he wrote, “The Color of Life” was the most notable.

The novel was first published in February 2020. The struggle of human loving society from animal life is the main theme of the color novel of life. The author very fluently paints a picture of a rotten society. Where there is a flame of light sinking in the darkness of superstition, there is the exclusive right of the leaders, there is an injustice to the voice of protest against injustice, there is the story of inhumanity and immorality.

Throughout the novel there is a heartbreaking howl, a cry to get out of animal life, and a lesson on how to get out. In the novel Color of Life, the author portrays a man named Rang Mia as the main character. Although Rang Mia is the main character, the role of his son Stalk was significant. Rang Mia has portrayed different characters, different genres, different colors of life through different characters. Rang Mia came back as a first-class government official to give real education to the people in the village. Color was the real color in Mia’s life. The author uses the word color here as a symbol of the word lifestyle. Rang Mia wanted to change the superstitious society with the color of her life. He went missing leaving his wife Kulsum and only child stalk to make it a reality.

He formed an organization called “People’s School”. Where the youth of the village were brought up, education was given to humanity. There the youth were educated in real education, sent to reform the society with the lamp of light. This novel written in the context of the present society has tools to build people. The novel teaches the young generation how to bring a society from darkness to light. In the novel, the author skillfully paints a picture of the present society and the way out of it.

In the novel, the author Moslem Uddin Sagar has made many statements that seemed very real and important to me. Here are some of the most important statements –
1) A broken leg falls into the ghat, and if it does not fall into the ghat again, the good path cannot be known.
2) We made educated people but we could not make good people! This is our failure!
3) There are no people in this society, there are parties, tribes and oil marketers. Everyone is blind to wear black glasses!
4) There is no benefit in running away from society, there is no benefit in silence. Conscious everyone needs unity. The wrongdoers are organized but there is a great lack of trust and harmony among the common people!
5) Great work is not done without sacrifice.
6) The character of man is like a circle, starting from the point. If a point falls, Galeu derails and loses its balance.
6) Just as man is losing his existence just to survive, so if human character evolves, man will one day live in the jungle. And animals will live in society!
After reading this wonderful novel, I have a strong desire to establish a “people’s school”. Where a person who is fully educated in real education can become a tool of social reform. Everyone should read the novel if they want to know how to get out of animal life.

Koka Shastra Kashmiri Book In Urdu Free PDF Download

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