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Kath Ki Auratein By Dr Saleem Akhtar Urdu Afsanay PDF Book Download

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Book: Kath Ki Auratein By Dr Saleem Akhtar Urdu Afsanay PDF Book Download

Author: Dr Saleem Akhtar

Size: 23 MB

‘Durbin’ is a great novel with three generations. Hemkant is the symbol of the first generation, Krishnakant is the hero of the second generation and Dhruv is the symbol of the third generation. The novel is a congratulatory attempt to portray the evolving social and historical context through the intriguing gigantic story of these three generations. The novel is based on Hemkant and Dhruvar but Krishnakant is the protagonist of the novel.

The novel begins with the fall of a well bucket from Hemkant’s hands on a winter’s morning in 1929. It reveals his weak mind, which is always afraid of death. Eccentric, sentimental, obsessive-minded, philosophical in nature but of a weak mentality, perhaps in nature or in the form of declining zamindari. Due to the adoption of sannyasabrata by his elder brother Bardakanta and the death of his younger brother Nalinikanta in a boat sinking, he became the owner of vast property.

But he is quite indifferent to the development of zamindari. Widow Hemkant has no special relationship with his children. His other weakness was his colorful, granddaughter. He has a strong personality in the novel. Hemkant’s next wife. The author has beautifully shown how to love people selflessly. He was the one who sowed the seeds of revolution in Krishnakantar.
The next generation is Krishnakanta. Great people have many qualities.

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Very energetic character from his childhood. His younger uncle Nalinikanta was a revolutionary. He was his successor. He got involved in the Swadeshi movement. Shashicharan, who also took refuge in the house, helped his revolutionary mind with more nourishment and later he became a famous revolutionary of British India. He became a steel tough man for his revolutionary consciousness. He later became a minister in independent India. Later he changed a lot. But all his strong people have a very weak, affectionate place. In this case Mejoputra is constant. Harassed in various ways, the leader committed suicide in the then Daksite.

The hero of the next generation is Dhruv. The character is created by the author in such a way that at this age, i.e. the reader between the ages of 18-24, he is a constant hero, but to the readers above him, he is a constant alcoholic, without character. That’s desperate. His father was considered a rival from the beginning. He insults his wife Remy so much that her father will win if he admits that his father’s loved ones love him. He pushed her away as many times as his wife wanted to pull him closer.

Sometimes acting out of false love, sometimes outright disregard. Remy is constantly on the move, even as she dies while giving birth. Dhruv, who is now madly searching for his father’s pre-independence personality, may have misunderstood at one point, but Budd is too late. Krishnakant had died at that time. In the face of Remi’s blind love, Dhruv seemed to be the recipient of pity.

On the other hand, Dhruv’s rebellious attitude against his father’s strict rule and his courage to do something for himself out of his father’s shadow is also admirable as a modern man. The author has won the hearts of all the readers, big and small, in this character. The novel ends with this constant of the last generation. Many more side characters in the novel have all played their part in the space. Some characters are pitied instead of hated. The author has presented the ultimate reality to the readers. The novel depicts the political situation in India in the nineteenth century.

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The Swadeshi movement, the partition of the country, and later the turbulent times of India.
The telescope is quite strange. It not only shows distant things near, it also shows near things when held upside down. The success of the nomenclature of the novel can be realized in the subtlety of the writing.
One thing for those who haven’t read the novel yet – the book has many chapters. The story of Hemkant and the boy Krishnakantar in the first odd chapters.

The story of Krishnakant and Dhruv in the twin chapters. Thus the whole novel has to be finished by reading the odd chapters and the novel has to be finished by reading the twin chapters again. From this point of view it is very different from other novels and I have not seen it in any other novel. Many people unknowingly read 3 generations together and lose interest in reading books. Originally a very large book, it may not be surprising to readers under one age. The novel is not enjoyable without understanding its complexities.

Kath Ki Auratein By Dr Saleem Akhtar Urdu Afsanay PDF Book Download

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