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Jinsi Maloomat Free Urdu PDF Download by Arshad Javed

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Book: Jinsi Maloomat Free Urdu PDF Download

Author: Arshad Javed

Size: 10 Mb

It is the name of a very influential family in the Darmor area of ​​Devinsher. Like every influential and royal family in general, this family has a curse. There is a cursed swamp, the swamp that Mr. Charles was so afraid of, he went to the swamp as soon as he got the letter. Why? That swamp! There is a history of the curse of a hellish hound. The name of one of the curses of this family is “Hugae Baskervilles”.

Story summary:
Dartmoor, Devon, in the West Country of England. Many years ago. The name of one of the curses of this family is “Hugae Baskervilles”. Hugae was very arrogant and fierce in nature. One day a girl from the village forced him. Brought. The girl fled to save herself but left her own handkerchief. Huga, meanwhile, had several monstrous dogs drying the girl’s handkerchief and heading out to find her.

Once upon a time, Huga found the girl next to the water of the Baskervilles. His dog let loose. But the rules are left! As soon as the girl was bitten by the dog, Huga himself was not spared.
Huga’s death was caused by a horrible sight dog bite
Either that day. Maybe that helpless girl and her
After the curse of the family, Shana wonders if there is a hell in this water and a hound of fire, she has fallen into the clutches of that hound and lost her life. Many people in the Baskervilles family. No one would go around Eisler after dusk.

The curse began many years ago with the tragic death of a member of the same family, Hugae Baskervilles. Huga, who has a very aggressive nature, died after being bitten by a terrible hound in his own profession. From then on, this curse started.
Wandering in this water is one of hellish and fire
Hound. He lost his life in the capture of that hound
Many people in the Baskervilles family.
An old man named Charles Baskervilles died three months ago. Although the investigation seems to be a normal heart attack. But to Dr. James Mortimer, Charles’s friend, this seems quite unusual. But why? Many people around that day heard the monstrous sound of the hound.Sir Henry Baskervilles, the only one in this family
Surviving member and the sole heir to this huge property of Baskervilles.

He is the nephew of Sir Charles. Dr. Mortimer’s idea is threatening his life. Because no one wants Baskervilles to survive. For the third time, Dr. Mortimer brought Sir Henry to Hemes’ house. Several incidents took place on the same day. The letter flew to Henry, and he ate two pairs of shoes at a time. One is brand new and the other is old. Henry-Mortimer, on the other hand, was growing a bearded Ala Lake. Do not dare to leave Henry alone
Hems. So with Watson K Devinsher Doctor Send to the area.

Even for these two He also looks quite worried. Hems said to be very careful. He also said. Rays Dr. Watson sent a full account of each incident to Hems K. Imagine 117 years from today
It was not so easy to get there. Meanwhile, the day Watson and Henry came here, it was known that a murderer named Seldon was wandering around the water in a prison escape. The murderer Seldon was seen in the vicinity of Darksor’s cursed water. Ala Butler Barima, on the other hand, was pressured to enter the Baskervilles Palace. After a while his wife comes into the story. But the same?

They want to escape from here as soon as Henry arrives! But why? The behavior of Barima and his wife is quite unusual.
One day, Sir Charles received a letter from a woman named Laura Lyons on the day of her death, but burned it. So is a woman involved in this incident? Or something else? It is known about various researches, in this water or in between
In the meantime, the call of this terrible hound goes to Shana, or even a fire hound has been seen. Someone called the call of this hound a bird call.

Seldon, on the other hand, has another strange sight in the water. One day Watson arrives at his residence to look for this suspicious lake. Someone from the village is delivering food to this lake. One person died this evening after falling from a tidal flat. By evening Shana goes to call the giant hound. Frightened by the call of the terrifying monster hound, Pile was startled and ran away from the hill and died. Sir Henry’s coat on the body. So did Sir Henry die prematurely?
Roger and Beryl Garcia, famous for their misdeeds, arrive in the story. Who are these? The couple, who are accused of various charges, are hiding somewhere near Darksor. At such a time in the story, Hems arrives at Baskervilles.
Then? Then whatever happens ……..

You have to read the book to know that.
Who is the real killer? Did Baskervilles Hall become empty as soon as Sir Henry died? Is this Hound of Fire real or is it really a hellish monster? What is the secret of this water?
What he wrote 116 years ago today seems to be an event of this time in 2021. Instead of just a mobile phone in hand, there was a telegram that day. Well 221 / B Baker Street isn’t there today, but what is Baskervilles Hall? Now if there is a hound wandering around Baskervilles? Or a hellish monster hound wandering along its water’s edge? Are you listening to that hound’s call? The sky trembled and barked, did it?

The book Genesis Maloomat implies the information of the male disease and in this book is about male this book is for grown-up and youth. You can get numerous learning about Male problems and health issues of men and ladies also.

Jinsi Maloomat Free Urdu PDF Download by Arshad Javed

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