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Jannat K Pattay PDF Download by Nimra Ahmed

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Book: Jannat K Pattay PDF Download by Nimra Ahmed

Author: Nimra Ahmed

Size: 12 MB

Free Download or browse on-line Pdf copy Urdu novel book of “Jannat K Pattay” written By Nimra Ahmed. What a lame novel it had been. Too several characters were concerned whereas solely Haya and Jahan had the robust character. the most character Khadeeja was killed with none reason. 

I like to read thick books. I try to make the thriller thick. And now the thrillers are quite fat type. So even if it takes a little time to read, it doesn’t feel bad. The time can be enjoyed. Although the occasional annoyance comes, the next pages of the book can be imagined to cut it. However, some thrillers may be a little ahead for the name and cover.
Just before the World Health Organization conference, a young Bengali scientist died.

It would be wrong to say he died. And the murder took place in his office. In his own chamber. Prior to his assassination, he had announced that his discovery would change the world’s medical system. But is there any history behind the discovery of what was killed or what is going on thousands of years ago? Or is there a legend for which everyone has been killed.
Coincidentally, Rafsan, a colleague of Uma Chakraborty, got involved.

Umar’s girlfriend Niyati also became involved in the mystery. Two people found a life-saving medicine and ran to the Sundarbans. Just found the life-saving medicine. But is the change in medicine really coming or will this discovery reach the people of the world?
One organization is following the discovery of Uma Chakraborty. They want this discovery to happen to them. But do they want to do business or have other goals. Or their goal is to destroy the earth with this discovery. Are they Umar’s killers? Who else is in this organization. Who runs this organization?

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It is good to say before responding to the text that I am more attracted to the cover and the name of the book. Honestly, I like the thrill more because of the name. Moreover, the person who made the cover probably read the book. Otherwise this cover is a bit difficult with ideas. I have heard the name of Md. Fouad Al Fidah a long time ago but I have not read his book. Trying to collect did not happen. So at the first opportunity, I bought “Chandrahat” and fell.

If I say at the beginning that the author’s writing is extraordinary, he has described everything in great detail. Which is a bit annoying as a reader. I was overwhelmed to read the first 150 pages. Because I didn’t get any thriller or adventure tie. Just a description of the barrier that the author could have highlighted in another way if he wanted. He did not. Besides, the beauty of the book has been greatly diminished by the Greek mythology, Ayurveda, mythological characters. Moreover, at first there was no mention of murder or investigation.

I don’t know why the story is based on the subject rather than the annoyance will increase.
In addition, two police officers were killed at the hands of Dawn of the Underworld. But there is no explanation as to how they came to know and knew that they were there so early. If no one has leaked the information for the sake of blood, then the police chief has done it. Moreover, I could not understand how Uma or Niyati passed out so quickly. The period during his treatment is twenty years. But how quickly he became a scientist.
Yes, the twist of the story starts after 150 pages. Then I finish the book in just an hour and a half.

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Jannat K Pattay PDF Download by Nimra Ahmed

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