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Islamic Stories in Urdu PDF Download | Sunehri Islamic Kahaniyan PDF Download

Hello everybody. Today we will share Islamic Stories in Urdu PDF Download | Sunehri Islamic Kahaniyan PDF Download link. We hope you will enjoy this.. So let’s get started.

Book: Islamic Stories in Urdu PDF Download | Sunehri Islamic Kahaniyan PDF Download

Type: Stories

Size: 12 Mb

Sunehri Kahanian by Muhammad Ismail Badayuni, golden moral stories for kids or children in Urdu PDF for better training, read Islamic moral Urdu stories for children title name of this literature Bachon Ke Liye Sunehri Kahaniyan written by Muhammad Ismail Badayuni. The following stories in this book.

  • Story of Qissa Adam A.S
  • Qissa Sydena Idrees A.S
  • Story of Hazrat Nooh A.S
  • Hazrat Hood A.S
  • Syedina Saleh A.S Story
  • Qisa Hazrat Ibrahim A.S
  • Hazrat Ismail A.S
  • Hazrat Ishaque A.S Kahani
  • Hazrat Loot A.S Story in Urdu

Human History The book discusses the evolution of man in the hunter-gatherer society of the Old Stone Age: from Ramapithecus osteropithecus to the emergence of the Neanderthal man and intelligent man, the identity of primitive society, matriarchy, clan organization and social foundations. The discovery of agricultural work in the culture phase of the New Stone Age, the spread of modern society.

Preparatory period of civilization: Copper age and bronze age are discussed. Discussions on the creation of ancient Egyptian civilization, geometry, medicine. Origin of ancient Persian civilization, history of empire, Hiru civilization nation and religion. Culture prior to the ancient history of China. Different dynasties including bronze culture have been discussed in this episode.

Discuss the origins of the culture of the Americas, the Maya, the Aztecs, the Inca civilization. Also ancient history of Korea and Japan. This book has a perfect description of all this. Human society is one and unbroken. People in all countries of the world belong to the same species and the history of human society is also intact.
Modern human society originated from a single source.

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Many elements of the society that primitive hunter-gatherers organized are serving as the foundation of all the species and societies in today’s world. Human society is one and the same. It is equally true that human society is isolated and fragmented. Is it possible to write a review of this book with an ignorant person like me? If you think I am writing a review, then you will make a big mistake in life. I can’t write two lines together. And I will write a review, it will be the best review of the day, I will let people run as soon as I say it.

Islamic Stories in Urdu PDF Download | Sunehri Islamic Kahaniyan PDF Download

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