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Islam ka siyasi nizam in urdu pdf download

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Yes, the name of the little boy with that reddish random hair, green color, thoughtful eyes is Laddu. And Rashed Hasan from Laddu. I mean, Laddu didn’t have a good name, he didn’t have a mother, his father was a crazy kisser. So the class teacher Majid Sir named him Rashed Hasan. If Rashed Chhara called him by another name, he would pretend not to listen.
Rashed has just been admitted to a new school. Within a few days, Dilip, Fazlu, Ashraf, Ibu, Rashed became good friends. Rashed goes to school during the day and goes out in procession at night with a torch in his hand.

However, he got the trend of politics from his father. He used to get an unknown satisfaction in the slogans ‘Amar Desh, Tomar Desh_ Bangladesh Bangladesh’, ‘Joy Bangla’. He believed that the people of Bengal would one day be freed from exploitation and would be independent.
And they have to work for it.
Unseen by all, four friends including Rashed started working with Mukti Bahini. Shafiq Bhai joined the freedom fighters without informing anyone. Aru Apa also doesn’t know where her loved one has gone. Silently in the middle of the silence, he looks for Shafiq.
The small freedom fighters risked their lives to do the impossible.

At Rashed’s suggestion, they tied the belts of four friends to their bodies, disguised themselves and delivered them to the freedom fighters in front of the Razakars and the military. He used to work as a follower of the freedom fighters. When Shafiq Bhai was captured by the military while he was wounded, when his rope was hanging on the ground of Eidgah, they rescued Shafiq Bhai like a hero by evading everyone’s eyes.
The situation in the country was getting worse. Dilip’s family has already left the country and moved to India. One by one, Ashraf, Fazlu, Ibu all left their families. Rashed grew up alone in this friendless city. Rashed was left alone in the depressed city. To work with the freedom fighters to make the country independent.

Rashed was caught by the Razakars on December 2, 1971 in a cruel irony of fate. The hyena snatches Rashed’s life like a vulture.
After the country became independent, everyone returned to their own homes. Aru Apa got Shafiq’s brother back. Ibu ran to get the news from his friends. Ashraf, seeing Fazlu, Ibu hugged him happily. Where is Rashed? They replied with a pale face, Rashed is no more. The mind was filled with a very unknown emptiness. Ibu shouted and cried. He could not believe anything. Rasheed’s words came to his mind again and again. The last show that he said, ‘Will you be my friend? Absolutely life friend. Lifelong friend. That friend remains even after death. That friend!
Rashed had no regrets about dying, only one last wish,
I opened my eyes a little and saw,
Well, now many nights or mornings, let’s open it a little – let’s see who is the motherland before leaving.

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Islam ka siyasi nizam in urdu pdf download

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