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History of Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W in Urdu PDF Download

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Book: History of Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W in Urdu PDF Download

Type: Biography

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In the first part of this novel, we see a child marriage dowry in the form of a monster, one of the social systems of the time, because of the dowry, women have to be neglected, abused and humiliated. They have no specific strengths, no structural weaknesses! In the second part of this novel, the sweet relationship between the two children of Harihar- the eldest daughter Durga and the youngest son Apu is beautifully highlighted!

Durga kills Apu at one stage because he tells the story of stealing from a neighbour’s house and eating mango
In a fit of rage, Durga’s mother Sarvajaya scolds her, at one point in the novel Durga dies of malaria fever!
In the story of Pather Panchali, I myself go back to my childhood. The fascinating view of nature.

The beauty of nature flying in the spring wind running from one end to the other. The beauty of nature touches my childhood. In the story of Pad Panchali, laughter, joy, tears, happiness, the simple and simple nature of the village of Dunkha do not play in this story !!

In parallel with the life of the individual, the collective life story of time-society-state and the world around is also ‘huge world’. We see that this book has touched all the important chapters in the span of 30 years, which deserves to be mentioned in the national life of Bangladesh, just as Anisuzzaman is somehow closely related to those chapters.

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Such as the drafting of the constitution of independent Bangladesh, the recommendations of the First Education Commission, the first National Literary Conference at Bangla Academy in 1974, the distance of Tajuddin Ahmed from the Bangabandhu government, the assassination of Bangabandhu and his family on 15 August 1975, the prison massacre on 3 November, the events of 7 November Movement for the Establishment of Democracy, Initiative to Write History of Bengali Literature by Bangla Academy in 1971, Compilation and Editing of ‘Bangladesh’s War of Independence: Documentary’, Statements of 31 Citizens The government’s lawsuit against him, the Hill Tracts Peace Accord, Nazrul’s birth centenary celebrations and Nazrul’s writings, the radio-television autonomy initiative, Humayun Ahmed’s hunger strike in 2000 to name the student hall of Shahjalal University of Science and Technology after Jahanara Imam, etc. Simply described.

Many heroes of history are present in this book, sometimes in the personal relationship of the author, and sometimes in the context of historical perspective. In the inner circle of this book, people of different opposing views and paths are found as characters in the fear of personality. National Professor Abdur Razzak is at the center of a living ‘huge world’ with both his simplicity and erudition.

The author has traveled to different parts of the world on behalf of Bangladesh and participated in conferences that served as a platform for the country’s reputation. The British University of England has made many documents of the British period in India useful for arranging documents. Will. The book Bipula Prithvi is divided into five chapters, a schedule and a photography chapter.

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History of Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W in Urdu PDF Download

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