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Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone script PDF Download

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Book: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone script PDF Download

Series: Harry Potter

Size: 12 Mb

Book Review:

Pride and Prejudice is one of the six most famous romantic novels by English novelist Jane Austen. Mr. and Mrs. Bennett, living in the Netherlands, are a poor English couple. Educated and cultured, Mr. Bennett is always discreet, while Mrs. Bennett is rude in this novel. Ignorance becomes the main behavior.
The story unfolds in this novel with five daughters suitable for the Bennett couple’s marriage, sometimes in love, sometimes in hate, and sometimes in love.

Jane is the eldest of five daughters in the family. Beautiful, tasteful, like a young woman with a very gentle personality. Elizabeth is the second daughter of this family. Like her father, she is discreet, educated and calm. She is unique because of her personality. Lydia, the youngest daughter in the family, is sixteen years old and has the same mental constitution and behavior as her mother.
The story begins with the arrival of Mr. Bingle, a wealthy young man who is unmarried in the Netherlands. The first “ball dance” mentioned in the novel is accompanied by his close friend Darcy. He is a handsome man of rich and short-spoken nature.

When Bingle is busy dancing with Jane, Darcy ignores Elizabeth through her arrogant demeanor. But that egoism succumbs to Elizabeth’s wonderful personality.
Meanwhile, Bingle and Jane fall in love with each other. But no one can think of Jane from a lowly family as Bingle’s wife. As Elizabeth’s disdain for Darcy grew, she learned that her younger sister, Lydia Wickham, had fled with an officer in the army. In this situation, Darcy protects Lydia and her family from disrespect. Darcy’s kindness changed Elizabeth’s attitude toward him. The novel ends with an unprecedented reunion.

Henry Beans. Infected with a strange disease. The disease is named after him, Henry Beans. Only 3 people in the world including him are affected by this disease.
His disease is that he stays awake for only 1 hour in 24 hours. The remaining 23 hours were spent in his sleep.
He wakes up every night at 3 o’clock and falls asleep at 4 o’clock at night.
This is how his life was going. Quiet, secluded. But some events of one night changed his life. One night after waking up, when he was standing by the window, suddenly a woman’s scream came from the house next door.

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He looked at the door of the house and saw a potential killer leaving the house. That murderer is none other than the President of his own country America .. !!
Henry Beans became interested in finding out the secret of this murder even after waking up for an hour in 24 hours ..!
Did the president really commit the murder or someone else?
Who is he? Why did you do that? Why is the president here at such a moment so late at night?
Full of tension and twist, this thriller will keep any reader intoxicated from the beginning to the end.
Lesson Response: I read the book in the midst of hundreds of activities, I finished the book without reading (I liked reading one page so much that I felt uneasy until I finished).

This book is exceptional from all the books I have read. Henry Beans is a strange character. I was even more surprised to see what Henry Beans was saying to his cat, Lacy, as soon as Miao said it. Note that he found the cat while searching for the murder mystery of the woman.
I don’t like to give ratings so I didn’t give ratings.
You will look at the mistake with a forgiving look.
Thanks in advance.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone script PDF Download

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