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Ghazwa E Badar in Urdu PDF Download By Muhammad Ahmad Bashmail

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Book: Ghazwa E Badar in Urdu PDF Download By Muhammad Ahmad Bashmail

Author: Muhammad Ahmad Bashmail

Size: 23MB

Ghazwa e Badar by Muhammad Ahmad Bashmail Islamic History Urdu book free pdf download or read online. This book translated into the Urdu language by Akhter Feth Puri. After the migration, the first Jihad of Muslims is the fight against Badar.

The Mahabharata is a book of poetry describing the history of the war between the various gods, demons and humans in Hinduism. The fact that the gods used such terrible weapons against the demons in those wars makes it seem like it is just a book of poetry. Which exists only in the pages of the Mahabharata. For example, if a kind of bow with which an arrow is thrown, that one arrow would become thousands of arrows and kill all the soldiers on the battlefield. A variety of other amazing weapons have been described. Which has been used in war. For all these reasons, the Mahabharata is still considered a book of poetry.

Vikram Singh is an Indian nuclear scientist. Who has immense knowledge on Mahabharata poetry. Vikram Singh was killed in his own house one night. Before he was killed, his only nephew sent a mysterious mail to Vijay. Vijay Mail’s words did not make any sense. While he was checking the mail, he got a call from India that his uncle Vikram Singh had been killed. Victory came to India from America in a hurry.
After his arrival in India, an attempt was made to assassinate him before deciphering the victory mail.

Vijay then formed a team to decipher the mail. Gradually, as they deciphered the mail, a verse puzzle with nine lines appeared in front of them. This puzzle was created by Ashoka, the most talked-about emperor of India. There is a secret society called 9 that has been guarding this puzzle since BC. It is said that if the mystery of this riddle can be solved, one of the weapons used in the Mahabharata can be recovered and the one who has the weapon can rule the whole world.

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People all over the world, including Al Qaeda, an Indian king, an American presidential candidate, are working to solve this mystery. The puzzle is just a story or not? Or does such a weapon really exist? Will victory be able to solve the puzzle? Or lose your life like an uncle? What if al Qaeda later had such a weapon? This is a wonderful book to read.
The book covers the period from the reign of Ashoka to 500 BC and the present time. In the middle of the story, the past and the present have been described so beautifully that there is no rhyme or rhyme.

Such a beautiful combination of history with the present is commonly seen in Clive Kassler’s book. Also the puzzle was a different twist. Historical novels are always at the top of my list of favorites. Just as reading books is fun at the same time, it also provides information on a variety of important topics. This is the first time I have read a book by Christopher C. Doyle. Excellent writing. I became his fan after one book.

This is the second edition of the translation so I can’t say much about the first one. It was jointly translated by Masum Ahmed Adi and Jesse Mary Kuia. I had the opportunity to read short stories written by Adi Bhai. Translation This is the first time I’ve read excellent fluent language and easy translation. Jesse has not read any of Mary Quier’s writings yet. Nowhere in the book did I get the wrong look. Above all, you can read a very good book.

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Ghazwa E Badar in Urdu PDF Download By Muhammad Ahmad Bashmail

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