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[Free] How Not to Die PDF Download by Michael Greger

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Book: How Not to Die PDF Download by Michael Greger

Author: Michael Greger

 TitleHow Not to Die PDF Download
 AuthorMichael Greger
 EditionNew York Times

How Not to Die PDF BOOK Review

Manabjamin is considered as a masterpiece of the author. Trisha, wife of Deepanath and Mejhobhai Srinath of the equally important character Deepanath. And in another huge scene of the novel, Deepanath and Srinath’s own sister Bilu and her husband her cousin Dada Pritam. This wonderful novel is basically a combination of a period of life of these three characters, a combination of several images, and different perceptions of life.

In the beginning, the novel about Blur’s sick and almost bedridden husband Pritam, the spineless Srinath, and the seemingly monotonous Deepanath were not very appealing. But Bacha Deepanath makes the novel more and more interesting with the combination of the constant thirst of the hungry brain and the constant struggle in Pritam’s intense mental strength and the effort to hold on to some values. The attraction to the boss’s young wife Manideepa changed Deepanath’s life drastically.

The change in the life of Deepanath’s beloved Pritam, and the gradual decay of the inside to become another human being and the change in Baudi in his fierce Daputa all combined to make Deepanath lose all meaning in life.
Everywhere he goes, he makes an effort to shackle a little straw in the face of strong currents, but how far is it?
Trisha and her husband Srinath’s war of nerves and personal conflicts are a special part of this story so that their (?) Only son Sajal is once deeply involved. And it gradually spreads the seeds and stalks in the water.

Originally a triangular watershed surrounded by Srinath, Trisha and the deceased Mallinath, always in this house because the deceased Mallinath left all his property to his brother and father and left it in the name of Mejho Bhai’s wife Trisha. Deepanath, his boss and Manideepa continue another triangle cycle inside. Where the presence of hatred is sometimes more noticeable than love and in the end it remains almost a mystery.

Another cycle is created around Bilu, Pritam and Bilu’s boyfriend Arun where Pritam’s kindness lasts for a long time.
Apart from the triangle of three lives, some other side events and characters have given a different look to the novel.
Why should this be! Even after the end of the novel, there is a lot left, this is how the stories of human life have been going on for a long time, some of which have left the game without ending. In the end, I will say that it was not so good at the beginning, but it was good to be at the end. But in the end, the novel could not be arranged, but I hope the reader would be satisfied if he finished the stories a little more.

The main character of the novel is named ‘Biru’. The whole story revolves around him and his family. Birur’s father used to work for an insurance company with a salary of three and a half thousand rupees. There is a strange love in my father’s life. At the age of thirty, he fell in love with a girl of only thirteen years. It is as if the author has carefully painted the story of his own life! The girl was later introduced in the story as Biru’s pregnant mother.

At one time, when the father fell ill and gathered, according to the tradition of the middle-class family, the entire responsibility of the family fell on the shoulders of the only son of the family, Biru. When the father’s disease got worse, the only doctor in the neighborhood called Dhiren Kaku, went to Dhiren Kaku’s house and got angry with his daughter Atsir, even told him that he loved her at one stage, never went to his elder sister’s father-in-law’s house to ask for money.

The elder sister’s son-in-law was called a monkey, and the hero’s life was full of feelings of love.
Another funny character in the story is Masum. He seems to be a friend of Biru. Masum knew acting very well. In fact, everything was a mischievous lie! He lied as if that was the only truth! In this trap, friend Biru did not have to read less in this life.

How Not to Die PDF Download by Michael Greger

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