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Book: Time Management Brian Tracy Epub

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YOUR ABILITY TO manage your time, as much as any other practice in your career as an executive, will determine your success or failure. Time is the one indispensable and irreplaceable resource of accomplishment. It is your most precious asset. It cannot be saved, nor can it be recovered once lost. Everything you have to do requires time, and the better you use your time, the more you will accomplish, and the greater will be your rewards.

Time management is essential for maximum health and personal effectiveness. The degree to which you feel in control of your time and your life is a major determinant of your level of inner peace, harmony, and mental well-being. A feeling of being “out of control” of your time is the major source of stress, anxiety, and depression. The better you can organize and control the critical events of your life, the better you will feel, moment to moment, the more energy you will have, the better you will sleep, and the more you will get done.

It is possible for you to gain two productive hours each working day, or even double your output and your productivity, by using the ideas and methods taught in this book. These techniques have proven successful for many thousands of executives in every field of endeavor, and they will prove successful for you, too, as long as you have what I call the four Ds.

The Four Ds of Effectiveness

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The first D is desire: You must have an intense, burning desire to get your time under control and to achieve maximum effectiveness.

The second D is decisiveness: You must make a clear decision that you are going to practice good time management techniques until they become a habit.

The third D stands for determination: You must be willing to persist in the face of all temptations to the contrary until you have become an effective time manager. Your desire will reinforce your determination.

And finally, the most important key to success in life, the fourth D, is discipline: You must discipline yourself to make time management a lifelong practice. Effective discipline is the willingness to force yourself to pay the price, and to do what you know you should do, when you should do it, whether you feel like it or not. This is critical for success.

The payoff for becoming an excellent time manager is huge. It is the outwardly identifiable quality of a high performer vs. a low performer. All winners in life use their time well. All poor performers in life use their time poorly. One of the most important rules for success is simply to “form good habits and make them your masters.” In this book, you will learn how to form good habits and then let them form you.

What you will learn in this book are the twenty-one most important solutions to effective time management that almost all highly productive people have discovered and incorporated into their lives.

Remember that time management is really life management. Good time management and personal productivity begins by valuing your life, and every minute of that life.

Do What You Can, with What You Have, Right Where You Are

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You should say to yourself, “My life is precious and important, and I value every single minute and hour of it. I am going to use those hours properly so that I accomplish the most I can, in the time that I have.”

The good news is that time management is a business skill, and all business skills are learnable. Time management is like riding a bicycle, typing on a keyboard, or playing a sport. It is made up of a series of methods, strategies, and techniques. It is a skill set that you can learn, practice, and master with determination and repetition.

Reader Review:

Very good read for this interested in this genre and would like further information on this topic. The author expresses themselves very well throughout this literature. I would recommend this book to those who like to have a better understanding or those who already have an appreciation of this and would like to immerse themselves more on this topic. Highly recommend this book / author and seller. Shipping and handling arrived new and without defects and well presented packaging.

Reader Review:

Brian Tracy is phenomenal, a classic, a master. The book is easily read because it’s so well written. Each page contains a genuine tip or strategy to use and sort of “wise sayings” that motivate you to action . Over the years I’ve listened to the audio of this several times and now purchased the book to refresh myself. After three chapters I picked up two strategies that increased my productivity quite noticeably. More so, by increasing my competence with my time, I find my stress better managed and a sense of peace developing. Most highly recommended.

Reader Review:

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Brian Tracy doesn’t waste your time with the unimportant or unecessary stories that tend to fill business productivity books such as these. He presents all his points with clear, actionable headings and short sections that allows you to skim efficiently, take what you need and out the book down so you can implement it. Perfect kinda book to give a college grad or new employee to get them in a productive mindset.

Time Management Brian Tracy Epub

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