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English Tenses Grammar Book In Urdu PDF Free Download

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book: English Tenses Grammar Book In Urdu PDF Free Download

Author: M.Tariq Qureshi

No one is born inhuman. It is the responsibility of everyone including parents to give him a suitable environment to develop as a human being. But due to the conspiratorial environment of our rural society, unaware parents and dishonest company, many students are not able to reach their goal.
The socially conscious author has meditated on college students with a deep observational vision. He identified the age of eighteen as a risky time. He can do anything with courage and passion as he suddenly enters youth from adolescence. At this age, there is a tendency to make mistakes.

The future of the one who can guide himself in the right path is bright. Besides, many lives are lost.
In the novel, the events of the college life of Panchbandhu of Mandal Dia village are perfectly described. Sunny and Raha have been very talented since childhood. Litu, Season and Robi are fairly kind students. But their intimacy is much greater. Sunny wakes up in love for Raha while walking together. She is a little quiet, polite, shy and can’t find a way to express her thoughts. Other friends fell in love after college. When the words of the lover became the main thing in their chat, Sunny boldly expressed her choice.

When her friends told Raha about Sunny’s choice, she strongly refused. Sunny was heartbroken. Litu is a very brave, intoxicated, naughty boy. Sunny suddenly dropped five subjects in college. Will a meritorious student be lost? The matter makes the guardian, the teacher and even Raha think. Raha tells the guide teacher everything. “To get someone, you have to go beyond their qualifications, you have to go beyond them,” the guide teacher tells Sunny. A sentence from GuideTeacher turns Sunny’s life around. Then he is first in the class and Raha is second.

To Sunny’s only elder brother Zahid, Sunny is the mainstay of her life. They have no one else. Making him human became Zahid’s goal. He doesn’t get time to think about his own good and bad. He spends his time running grocery stores and providing expenses. But Puthi makes a wave of love in her sad, disinterested life. Zahid also grabbed Puthi by the arm. Because Chanchal Puthi floats him in the stream of love. For the first time in his life, he came in contact with women and got a taste of new life.
Then? Does Sunny get Raha? What is the reunion of Zahid Puthi? Read the book to know the consequences of friends or what happens.
Opinion: – A wonderful social awareness novel. The demand for this writing will remain from age to age.
Reading a page of the author’s book reveals his talent. Very neat writing.
The characters seem as real as real people. While reading I feel like I am representing the character myself.
There is sweetness of dialogue according to the character. Every heart-touching character.
The variety of the story and the artistic language have made his writing special. An inevitable tension is felt due to the sweetness of the language.
All in all a book like a favorite. A book to be ranked in the top 2/3 books. Can read.

This book teaches you tenses, active and indirect narration in an easy way. The subject is this book, Verb, Three forms of verbs, introduction(Active and Passive Voice), Present indefinite tense, Future indefinite tense, Present Continuous tense, Past Continuous tense, Future Continuous tense, Present perfect tense, Past perfect tense, Future perfect tense, Present perfect Continuous tense, Past perfect Continuous tense, Future perfect Continuous tense, Revision of tense Change of voice, Direct and indirect. A tense could be a type taken by a verb to point out the time of associated action. 

English Tenses Grammar Book In Urdu PDF Free Download

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