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English Book 10th Class Punjab Textbook board PDF Download

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Book: English Book 10th Class Punjab Textbook board PDF Download

Type: Notes

Size: 10Mb

  • Paragraph Writing, Exercises with Hints
  • Story writing introduction Specimen
  • Letters, Application, and Invitations
  • Dialogue Writing
  • Comprehension of a Passage
  • Essay Writing
  • Translation
  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary

How to start a review? Can’t get the idea. Well, since it’s a thriller, let’s start thrilling with first. Editor of Kolkata’s most popular daily “Bhorer Kagaz” murdered! In your office! One o’clock at night!
Bilu Chatterjee, the editor of Bhorer Kagoj, is a press baron. To put it more bluntly, the press mafia. He controlled most of the print media in Kolkata. Pretty impressive. But why was he suddenly killed in his office that night? And how? The security of his office is very tight, not even an ant can melt them. A man came from outside and killed!
Well anyway, so far this could have been a normal police case.

But the facts are different. Before his death, Bilu Chatterjee had said many numbers and all the nonsense which has no meaning. “4, 6, 10, 12, 16, 2 …… Don’t kill the poet’s song …. When the song dies, it’s all over … History is over, Anuswar Bisarga Chandrabindu Got something? ACP Rajat of Lalbazar does not understand anything. So many nights he called his childhood friend DK in the hope of help.

DK means earth coyote. Why him? Because he has a lot to do with these weird things. Now that Professor Langdon is not at hand, DK is the signatory. Preliminary inquiries revealed that before his death, Bilu Chatterjee had called the reception and told him that an old friend of his would come at midnight, his name was Advait so that no one would stop him. Advaita came right, no one stopped to say the name. The gentleman chats with an old friend or goes out on a quarter of an hour or so. Naturally, it is understood that the killer is that Advaita. But none of the relatives and friends have heard the name of such a friend of Blur. Another tangle!

Let them unravel, let’s talk about something completely different. Linguistics. Well, how much do we know about the language? When did the poet write the lyric? Does anyone still understand the meaning of this? How much research is being done on these. But written in Bengali, but, all your familiar words, then why can’t you explain? Well, if that is the case, even if it is written in Bengali, it is a coded book? Can’t be?

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And if Ramayana Mahabharata is also a coded book? What if Niranjan, Vishnu, Shiva, Daksha, Rama, Lakshman Sita, Krishna, Panchpandava have something else hidden behind these characters? Then maybe the story will no longer be a story, it will become history. The history of India is very murky. Suppose history has progressed as wide as a 300-foot road. But the width of the road in a place in the middle is much less. Suppose two hands lay bricks one after the other. Then again 300 feet. Got it? Many places in the middle are very narrow, history is also very narrow in one place in the middle. If the Ramayana Mahabharata can be read with the correct meaning?

Then maybe the narrow part in the middle will also become a 300 feet road. Did you get confused?
Now let’s tell someone’s story. Kabir Khan. A little different from everyone since childhood. His interest in language was limitless. Sir used to ask questions. He used to spend more time with Rikveda than reading in class. It seemed to him that no one could grasp the true meaning of the Purana. Began research. After 30 years of research, he found a different way of reading the Puranas, Ramayana and Mahabharata.

The method was already there, lost in the middle, Kabir Khan found it again. According to his method, if the poet’s Gitabitan, Purana, Ramayana, Mahabharata are read, history will have to be rearranged. The whole human civilization will change. The concept of caste and religion will change. Do you understand the things Kabir Khan invented? Can you guess what will happen if it is revealed?

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English Book 10th Class Punjab Textbook board PDF Download

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