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Direct and Indirect Speech Rules PDF Download

Hello everybody. Today we will share Direct and Indirect Speech Rules PDF Download link. We hope you will enjoy this.

Book: Direct and Indirect Speech Rules PDF Download

Type: Speech

Size: 20 Mb

Free download English Speaking Grammer booklet Direct And Indirect Speech (With Rules and Examples) Prepared by Abdul Rauf Baloch and Compose by Ozair Ahmed Baloch.Find below the Content in this book.

  • Reported speech, reporting Verb
  • Transformation of direct speech into indirect
  • Rules for the change of pronouns
  • Conversion of Assertive Sentences (Statement)
  • Conversion of Interrogative Sentences
  • Conversion of Imperative Sentences
  • Conversion of Exclamatory and Optative Sentences
  • Change the narration

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Direct and Indirect Speech Rules PDF Download

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