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Declutter Your Mind PDF Download by S. J. Scott and Barrie Davenport

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Book: Declutter Your Mind PDF Download by S. J. Scott and Barrie Davenport

Author: S. J. Scott and Barrie Davenport

 TitleDeclutter Your Mind: How to Stop Worrying, Relieve…
 AuthorS. J. Scott and Barrie Daveport

Declutter Your Mind Book Review

At first I had to stop for a while to read. And it wasn’t going as fast as writing ten – I realized, the inside of it wouldn’t be like ten novels anymore. Really, it was not known that such indifferent descriptions were written in Bengali literature.
The descriptions of the lives of marginalized people can be presented in such a marginal language style – it would never have been known without reading this novel. The novel will not only tell the reader a story, but also take him into the events as one of the people of that time. However, in order to get this feeling, the reader has to enter into it with a little patience.

The story of Dhodrai, a nomadic nomadic hero of ‘Dhorai Charit Manas’, has been written in the form of Ramchandra, the protagonist of ‘Ram Charit Manas’ of Tulsidas. The reader will read the Ramayana itself, but this Ramayana is not a story of being overwhelmed by emotions, but a story of realizing the struggle of life very closely.
Dhorai is the main character of this novel but in fact Mahakala has taken the place of the real character by impressing everything. From the time of his birth, the life struggle of Dhorai began to move at an unexpected pace. Searching for that unexpected life can no longer find the expected address. But the name of stopping is not life, so the search does not stop. Dhorai followed in the footsteps of Ramchandraji. In this way, the reader will find the oppression, cruelty, history, politics and the ultimate reality of life.

Author S. J. Scott and Barrie Davenport has set an unparalleled example in the way proverbs are quoted from Tulsidas’s ‘Ram Charit Manas’ throughout the novel. I think a reader of this time needs a little mental preparation to read this novel. Because, it will be a little difficult for many to adapt to the writing style of ‘Dhorai Charit Manas’. However, once you get into it, its juice will give the reader a different taste – which is probably not possible to find anywhere else in Bengali literature without this novel. Satinath Bhaduri’s novel ‘Dhorai Charit Manas’ has enriched Bengali literature in a different way.

The central character of the book, Alex, is a senior official of the Hindustan Peters Company who dreams of one day becoming a director of the company. Everything was going well but suddenly one day it was found out that there was a defect in the fan-made for export, meanwhile, the company has entered into an agreement with the party to ship the fan on time. However, the agreement stated that delays due to a movement or strike were acceptable.
Shyamlendu’s mind was playing tricks on him and he arranged a public strike in the factory. The company informed the party of the delay, citing the reason for the “strike” and the company took the opportunity to repair the defect.
For Shyamlendu’s “skill” he was made the director of the company. But did he want to be a director like that?
Personal Review – I really like it and fell in love with the Weed out Riders block.

Declutter Your Mind PDF Download by S. J. Scott and Barrie Davenport

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