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Darood E Tanjeena PDF Download Full Wazifa Urdu Translation

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Book: Darood E Tanjeena PDF Download Full Wazifa Urdu Translation

Type: Wazifa

Size: 12MB

Darood E Tanjeena PDF Download Full Wazifa With Urdu Translation Read online or get an easy PDF file from below links with clear Arabic Text Daroode Tanjeena With Urdu Tajuma in This website. Get a lot of benefits of remembering and rectifying of this Dua and Darud, Pray day and night (Suba Wa Sham). 

Nitaicharan, the son of a very low caste Dom dynasty, made his debut as a poet. Gathering praise from the people of the area, he left home Nitai spent his days on the railway line, and there he formed a friendship with the king of the station. The king arranged for her to stay. And there he used to fascinate everyone by reciting poems and songs from time to time in the king’s court.

Meanwhile, the king’s married sister-in-law remembers Thakurji, who used to come every day to sell milk. But since Thakurjhi was black, at different times not only the people but also the king used to accept harsh words. Nitai then tied the line,
“If tomorrow is bad, why do you cry when your hair is gray?”

Thakurji then felt somewhat relieved, and she too developed a pull towards Nitai. Meanwhile, a group of musicians came to the king’s house. They like Nitai’s songs, and offer Nitai to join their singing group as they don’t have Kabiyal in their group. But Nitai rejects the offer and they go to the fair. Later, when Nitai finds out that he and Thakurjhi are known, he leaves without thinking for a moment and joins the jhumurdale (singing group).

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Meanwhile, one of the dancers and a prostitute of this group remembers a girl named Basanta and Nitai tied the knot with her. His deep love for Bosan (spring), he sings for Bosan. When everyone else in the group saw it, Basan got angry, but Nitai smiled. Meanwhile, the spring is a terrible disease, which happens to all the girls in the group. When the disease struck, their citizens left them, but Nitai did not leave in the spring. Rather, by serving the spring, it makes the spring better.
When the disease of spring is cured, he takes the spring to the city, where the body of the spring becomes bad again.

One night Basanta met death and fell into Nitai’s lap. After the death of Basanta, Nitai wanders aimlessly. He will no longer be in the singing group, so he breaks their ties and comes to cough with heartache. But even here Nitai cannot be stable. On the way back to his village by train. When everyone welcomed Nitai there, Nitai found the people close to him after a long time and got wet with tears.

At one point he learned from the king that Thakurji had died. Sitting under the Krishnacura tree next to the Nitai railway line, wiping away tears and singing,
“I’m sorry.
Sadlo not met in love, kulala not in this life!
Alas, why is life so short?
In this world? “

Daroode Tanjeena Wazifa PDF
Darood E Tanjeena PDF Download

Darood E Tanjeena PDF Download Full Wazifa Urdu Translation

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