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Bayan Ul Quran By Dr Israr Ahmed Tafseer In PDF Free Download

Hello everybody. Today we will share Bayan Ul Quran By Dr Israr Ahmed Tafseer In PDF Free Download link. We hope you will enjoy this.

Book: Bayan Ul Quran By Dr Israr Ahmed Tafseer In PDF Free Download

Author: Dr Israr Ahmed

Size: 20MB

Bayan Ul Quran In online. Quran with Urdu translation (Tarjuma) with Taseer complete all 7 parts  (Jald)  By Dr Israr Ahmad Usool e Tafseer e Quran in Urdu By Ibne Taimiya And Ahkam Ul Quran by Chaudhry Nazar Muhammad . Click on the bwlow link to read online or download the complete Islamic Book in Pdf.     

In today’s virtual age we can’t even think of letters to communicate with each other. In the previous era, people used to talk to each other through letters and even make love. In the present era, we cannot imagine doing that. But if you read “Sabinoy Nibedan” written by Buddhadev Guha, you will understand the magic of the letter.

Letter after letter, the novel proceeds through a counter-letter in reply to the letter. When one writes a letter, the other responds with another letter. Through which the temporary acquaintance of the two has emerged and the tendency to write letters has advanced.
In the letters, the different life philosophies of the two people, their tastes, habits, likes and dislikes are all embodied in every word of the letter. Moreover, in daily life, their tensions, hopes, aspirations, desires, all the feelings, perceptions, perceptions of the dream life, all seem to have come up on the pages of a book in the form of a letter and given a different dimension to the story.

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Riti, an educated and generous woman, met Tiger Project Officer Rajarshi Basu in a jungle in Betal. Back in Calcutta, Riti wrote a letter of thanks to the man in danger. It is through this letter that the foundation stone of the novel is laid. The next correspondence begins with this letter. Which at one time overwhelmed everything and turned into an extraordinary love novel.

I was not disappointed after reading the book but when it was over I repeatedly asked myself why the book was over. Riti and Rajarshi’s letters are magic letters!
Such correspondence used to happen before and with that opportunity, Buddhadev Guha has created the novel of extraordinary love “Sabinoy Tibetan”.

Bayan Ul Quran By Dr Israr Ahmed Tafseer In PDF Free Download

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