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Book: English Grammar in Use PDF Book Download

Author: Raymond Murphy

 TitleEnglish Grammar in Use PDF Download
 AuthorRaymond Murphy
 EditionCambridge University Press

English Grammar in Use PDF Book Overview

Autobiography of Mr. Azad Chowdhury who was born in 1950 in a village called Kadimulik in Beanibazar upazila of Sylhet district. Childhood, university life, being established after a struggle in exile and later engaging in social activities are stated in a simple-simple manner, which easily attracts the reader. The rural life of the sixties, acknowledging the hardships of the students for studying and some of the special characters around us are beautifully reflected in his writings. The liberation war of Bangladesh got its place from a place of special emotion.

Azad Chowdhury’s father was an education official. As a result, his father was trying to get Azad Chowdhury to get proper education. He had to study in nearby Gangkul and Dhaka South schools as there were no good schools in his area. Later it became MC College and Birmingham University became the Department of English Literature of Chittagong University. The war of liberation started while studying at Chittagong University. Came home. But as the environment there was not safe, he left for Chittagong again.

A movie can easily be made about the dramatic journey of the dramatic journey from Sylhet to Sylhet via Brahmanbaria-Comilla. During this time he came back from the brink of death several times. After the country became independent, he went to Birmingham University in England on the advice of the head of the department of the war-torn university. Expatriate life begins.

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In England in the seventies, the first business of Bangladeshi food called Indian was started. Besides getting education, he started working in a restaurant. Having mastered various aspects of business, he gradually established himself as a successful businessman by owning Siraj Restaurant, Shapla Tandoori and Hall Green Tandoori Restaurant. There is a lot of interesting information in the book about the restaurant business of Sylhetites in England.

After retiring from his busy schedule, he increased his contacts with the country and started the educational activities of Azad Chowdhury Academy in his area in 2008 — which is spreading the light of education locally. Readers will be annoyed when they read about the behavior of the concerned officer in Sylhet for the permission of work related to education or the issue of giving permission through exchange of the head of a reputed government school. However, at the same time, the reader will be amazed at the author’s work rescue techniques.

She was awarded the title of MBE (Member of the Order of the British Empire) by the Queen of England in 2019 for her contribution to the spread of education in Bangladesh. It is not just about success in life. There were many ups and downs, there were family disasters. All in all, the naming of the book has been appropriate. In the words of the author: If this writing of his inspires a young person to establish himself in life, then his writing will be selfish. I wish Mr. Chowdhury a healthy life.

Contents of the English Grammar in Use PDF Book:

Present and Past:Simple and Continuous present and past tenses.

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Present Perfect and Past:
 and Perfect Continuous tenses, the use of Have and Have Got and Used To.

Future:Use of Past tenses in the future …

Modals:Use of CanCould and Be Able To – Could and Could Have.
 Must and Can’t – May and Might – Have to – Mustn’t – Needn’t – Should – Had Better – Would – CanCouldWould you …?

Passive Voice

Reported Speech use and form.

Questions and Auxiliary Verbs :Asking questions, reporting questions, Use of I think so and I hope so, question tags.

-ing and To:Verbs +ing – Verbs +to – ing or to – Prefer and Would Rather use.

Articles and Nouns:A/An and The use – Singular and Plural.

Pronouns and Determiners:Myself/Yourself/Himself/Themselves ..
No/None/Nothing/Nobody/Nowhere – Each/Every …

Relative Clauses:Use of WhoThatWhichWhoseWhomWhere – -ing and -ed clauses.

Adjectives and Adverbs in English:Use of So and Such, Enough.
Too, Quite, Pretty, Rather, Fairly
 – Comparaison in English Grammar.

Conjunctions and Prepositions:AlthoughThoughEven though – In spite ofDespite – In case.
UnlessAs long asProvided/Providing – AsLikeAs ifAs though – ForDuringWhile – ByUntil 

Phrasal Verbs:In/out – out – on/off – up/down – away/back …

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Front Page
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Contents I
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Contents II
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Contents III
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Contents IV
English Grammar in Use PDF 06
First Page of the 1st Unit: Present Continuous (I am doing …) – Explanations and examples
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English Grammar in Use PDF Book Download

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