BA part 1 Islamiat Elective book PDF Download

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BA part 1 Islamiat Elective book PDF Download

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Book Review:

What do you mean by thriller? If you realize that getting on a train will take you by storm and you will feel the speed, then the book is not for you. If you think thriller means getting in a car and going slowly and enjoying some beautiful scenes or enjoying the occasional nervousness then this book is perfect for you. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds crap to me. While the rollercoaster ride isn’t perfect, it’s easy to say that thriller lovers won’t miss it.
Plot: In a word, what we know as a psychological thriller is a book written about a great plot. The protagonist of the book, Mariana Andross, is a group therapist who serves people in groups.

He solves people’s psychological issues. His niece ‘Joey’ tells him that his girlfriend ‘Tara’ has been murdered on the campus of Cambridge University. Mariana runs there. Much can be said for his niece and a little out of curiosity. Because she was also a student of that university. Mariana is a well-known professor at Edward Fosca University. On the other hand, ‘Edward Fosca’ has a secret association called ‘The Maidens’. The members of this group are some young girls. Tara was also a member of The Maidens. So Mariana’s curiosity about The Maidens grows. Despite having a perfect alibi, Mariana is sure that the killer is Edward Fosca e. But is Edward Fasca really a murderer?

Who are these maidens? What is their job? Who really wants to kill Tara? If you want to know, read The Maiden.
Bhalolaga: I will keep it as a good thriller. But I will not say master piece. The plot was great. The progress of the incident is also great. It is good that the author has given time to character development. In some places I felt some emptiness (empty space would be a spoiler). Also fairly good. Will force you to get nervous. And it will take you to the last page of the book. In a word, enjoyable. Once upon a time you would be alone with Mariana and sometimes you would move far away. Sometimes you think you have caught the killer or sometimes you think you don’t know him.
Criticism: The book is not for everyone. This is the first point of criticism. Because it starts fairly slowly. For those who like rollercoaster thrillers, it can be annoying. As such, I think the writer could have written with all the audience in mind. In some places the events are left incomplete, which would have been better without the light.

I think the last one could have been a little more beautiful. Because the ending plays a big role in a novel.
Critical translation: In a word, the translation was not so good. It was as if the translator had translated it word for word. It can be said that he did not do it with his mind. The appeal of the story in translation was much less. If it had been done better, the applications would have been published. I have read the translations of ‘Kishore Pasha Emon’ and ‘Anish Das Apur’. I call them master translations. As such, I will give this translation 5/10.
Conclusion: If you are a thriller lover, read on without delay. Hope you don’t get frustrated. Rather you will get a different feeling. You can recognize the world of psychological thrillers in a slightly different way. Understand why people are psycho! In a word, good.
Rating: 8/10 (If the translation is good, get a little more marks).

So today we have shared BA part 1 Islamiat Elective book PDF Download link. We hope you have enjoyed this.

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