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BA English Literature And Notes PDF Free Download

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Book: BA English Literature And Notes PDF Free Download / BA English Notes Free Download In PDF

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Even though I was in the same town and in the same neighborhood, I did not meet Midha. Sometimes my busyness, sometimes his again. Then that evening Jampesh had a chat with this talented boy. I got some exciting information from him about writing that day. I heard about Nur-i-Mughal from his mouth that day. In addition to a kind of interest to collect some Nur-i-Mughal to give some encouragement to this young writer and read today’s response.
The flap at the beginning of the book is such a happy place for Midhad!

Because that flap was written by the revered dear Pius Majid Bhai. Pius himself wrote the flap of Brother Midhad’s book, which is certainly a matter of good fortune for him. As for the cover of the book, I have personally found the cover of this book impressive. The color combination was joss. I was most happy to see the dedication of the book. Nidhad dedicates the book to folklore researcher Sumankumar Das Dada in this message: “Every word I witness, I love you like a novel.”

Nur-i-Mughal is a historical novel. Here is the story of a brave woman who became Nurjahan. The story of becoming the light of the whole world from Meherunnesa, the daughter of Mirza Gias Beg. Meherunnesa was a beautiful girl in an ordinary house. Kina was born under an acacia tree. There was a time when survival was also a matter of destiny, the girl was given the title of his destiny as Nurjahan. The whole novel revolves around that story.
Who has never heard the story of kings, queens or palaces as a child?

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Each of these stories is the story of the king-queen-palace! The story also contains a taste of love, a thrilling story, hatred, domination or an insatiable desire to snatch the throne. All in all, Nur-i-Mughal has become a great story.
From the beginning to the end, all the exciting mysteries inside the Mughal harem will excite the reader. One of the characters in the story is Meherunnesa. Whose second husband was Emperor Jahangir. Dancer Prithvi was one of the emperor’s khas followers. Inside was the dancer scattering the dominance of the earth!

In his early life, Prince Khurram was a devotee of Prithvi, the khas follower of his father. Then in his middle life he became a fan of Nurjahan. Then in the last life that prince became one of the worst enemies of Empress Nurjahan! But why did he turn from a favorite to Nurjahan’s enemy? That is what you will know in this story.
On the other hand, all the strange relations between the Mughals began to rise and fall.

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BA English Literature And Notes PDF Free Download

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