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Amliyat e Mohabbat By Syed Tanveer Hussain Shah Islamic Book In PDF Free Download

Hello everybody. Today we will share Amliyat e Mohabbat By Syed Tanveer Hussain Shah Islamic Book In PDF Free Download link.

Book: Amliyat e Mohabbat By Syed Tanveer Hussain Shah Islamic Book In PDF Free Download

Author: Syed Tanveer

Size: 20 Mb

This is a great novel where feminism is given prominence. The author has shown the scene of awakening of women’s society. The story of a strange passage has been highlighted. The story of a woman who has developed into a goddess of flesh and blood has been presented at the touch of the author’s hand.
The novel begins with Dharmanarayan’s dream. One night Dharmanarayan dreamed that his mother was lying on the ground under a bell tree by the side of that wild bush by the river.

The next day, a four-foot-tall idol was found in the ground. Soon after, a temple was built there overnight under the direction of Dharmanarayan and Dharmanarayana established that idol in that temple. From then on, regular worship was done there and gradually the people there named the temple ‘Mother’s House’. From then on, people started gathering around the temple. At that time the temple was looked after by Bimbavati, daughter of Dharmanarayan’s grandson Udit Narayan and her husband Muktonarayan. Their son Tarapada was later appointed as the priest of the temple.

It goes without saying that he did not have a mind to study the stars of nature. When he saw clouds in the sky, he would dance. He always spoke wisely like a highly educated man. He could not go to school, his main job was to sit by the river and sing his mother’s song.
Saralabala, daughter of Kamakhya Prasad and Saraswati. As a child she spent most of her time with sick animals. Saralabala’s main job was to heal them with care. The people of Tarapad’s house came to see Saralabala for Tarapad’s wedding and liked him.

But Saraswati, Saralabala’s mother, was reluctant to marry at such a young age. But his father Kamakhya Prasad did not want to lose such a good relationship. Then Saralabala was hastily married to Tarapada. But conditionally Saralabala is a very young girl and even though the marriage is over, she stays at her father’s house. After some time, Kamakhya Prasad became restless to bring his daughter to his father-in-law’s house. One day Kamakhya Prasad went to Tarapad’s house with his daughter.

But after coming to the temple, Kamakhya Prasad and his daughter were rejected and had to return to their home.
On the other hand, Tarapada used to spend his days in Matrisadhana. When Saralabala returned, their marriage did not begin. Swami Tarapada used to worship his mother in the temple. He would talk to his mother, laugh, sometimes fall to the ground. Saralabala lived in another room.
Then one day Tarapada came and told Saralabala to chant Ishtnam, to call her mother all the time, so that she would not come out of the room, so that she would not show her face to anyone.

Saralabala could not disregard her pious husband. Saralabala believed that disobeying her husband’s orders would be a sin. So she confined herself to her husband’s order and started chanting istnam. Over time, Saralabala’s life began to change. Saralabala finds her own way of life without interrupting Tarapada’s Dharmasadhana.

Saralabala began to work for the people. When someone from Talat fell ill, he would go to his house and put his hand on the head of the victim, he would feel great peace, all his irritation would be reduced. As such, the news of Saralabala spread all around. Everyone begins to believe that Saralabala has the blessings of a mother, as if she had come as a mother herself. Everyone started calling Saralabala ‘Mother Janani’. Mother Janani gave new life to all the poor, destitute girls of Talat.

He arranged for everyone to work in the temple, and for many to learn to sew to become self-sufficient. In this the girls of the village get their new life again. Over time, the mother became the shelter of all helpless, disenfranchised, exploited girls. Saralabala, being a very poorly educated woman, changed the lives of all the girls in the village. For the treatment of the village girls, they set up a health center in collaboration with Vimbavati so that they could talk to the doctor about their illnesses so that they would not have to be stuck in the village.

Everyone decided that the name of the health center was ‘Ma Janani Health Center’. Although the mother did not agree. Mother Janani was a man of generous mind. He used to forgive people even after hundreds of crimes. But at the same time he used to persuade the culprit to call his mother. For example, the temple priest Nibaran (also known as Tarapada Baran) always tried to figure out how to drive away the mother. At different times he used to give ear mantras to Tarapada on various issues. At one point, Nibaran dared to tell Bimbavati to arrange for Saralabala to be sent to her father’s house. On hearing this, Bimbavati became angry and wanted to drive Nibaran out of the temple. Then Saralabala told Bimbavati not to expel Nibaran, but to give her a place in the temple. Since then, Nibaran’s life has changed. She moves in her mother’s way.

Amliyat e Mohabbat By Syed Tanveer Hussain Shah Islamic Book In PDF Free Download

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