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Aag Ka Darya Novel PDF Download By Qurat ul ain Haider

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Book: Aag Ka Darya Novel PDF Download By Qurat ul ain Haider

Author: Qurat ul ain Haider

Size: 20Mb

“I don’t know when or where life will take me, I just know that the sound of the train’s whistle will remind me of the city of Sylhet for the rest of my life.” This 191 page line of the novel “Two Hundred and Thirteen Stories” written by Dr. Tasnia Ahmed, a student of the 52nd batch of Sylhet Medical, is deeply ingrained in her heart. I couldn’t understand how many times tears came when I went to read the book without knowing it. Avi, Shiplu, Ahnaf, Ifa, Richie, Rupa, Taru, Adrija, Maya, Beaver’s story as our story, Shiplu-Rupa as our Tilma-Sadri, Sujan-Tima, our “Sweet Thirteen” story, our 32nd batch story.

The fear of anatomy has not gone to me yet. The story of conquering anatomy is painted by the author as if it is a reflection of my life. The story of giving proxies to friends in physiology biochemistry class reminds me of what life was like! Photographer Ifa is like our 32 batch Sohail. The sudden closure of the college due to local fights and not being able to come home, how to make up for the friends, these have not happened in our lives. Ifar reminds me to run my own expenses by tuition.

Staying together in the common room, giving serials in the bathroom, gossiping about senior sisters, getting wet in the rain with friends, going to Itmachara with quick decisions …. The history of doing all these things in the novel was in my medical life. Safa Apu, the senior sister of the novel, is like my favorite senior sister Lora Apa. When I get a room from the common room and shift, I get seats in rooms 219 and 220. Only 6 people from the 32nd batch get seats, just like 8 girlfriends from the novel get seats in rooms 213 and 214.

The results of the first proof, the excitement of the friends, getting up in the third year and going to the ward with great enthusiasm are not our stories! Medical students are doctors three times, the first time after getting a chance in medical, the second time in the third year, the third time is a doctor when the final proof is passed and the name of the doctor is added before the name …. I have to learn, I have become forgetful again and again while reading it on the pages of the book.

That big definition of community medicine, getting up in the fourth year and going on a hygiene tour …. all the stories of our lives. As I read the book, I could see in front of my eyes that horrible day of seeing the first post-mortem in forensic medicine. They go to Panchbhai restaurant to eat khichuri, go to Pansi restaurant to eat grilled chicken and we used to go to Royal Hotel to eat bharta-bhat, Chiangmai restaurant to eat Chinese. It reminds us of the celebration of the first Baishakh on campus, the annual feast of our Dilruba Hostel. Third Prof Pharmacology, Pathology, Nakanichobani, Microbiology, reading the names of strange germs, throwing away the books, all of which can be seen in front of the eyes.

When we were in our third year, one afternoon, a senior sister (who had passed away a long time ago, was doing MPhil in Virology at BSMMU) came to our block friend Samira’s room, accompanied by her two daughters. She has brought her own educational institution and hostel to show her daughters.

There is such an incident mentioned in the novel …. How do life stories match so much? I could never do morning lecture classes because of sleep. Most of the time I would say to my roommate Nahin, “Call me in the morning”. When Nahin called, I would stick my mouth out of the Kantha and say, “Don’t go, Ray, give me my percentage.” Items, how many times have I gone home with the card pending…. I have read some incidents in the novel and it seems that I am reading the story of my life.

Aag Ka Darya Novel PDF Download By Qurat ul ain Haider

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