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Aoyama is the head of a documentary and video production company in Shibuya, Japan. Shige lives with her 15-year-old son in the Suginami-ku area of ​​Japan. His wife died of cancer about eight years ago. After that I didn’t think much about my life partner. But one day Shige suddenly asks her about marriage, which makes Aoyamar think. Forty-two-year-old Aoyama thinks it might not be right to spend the rest of her life alone. But don’t miss any girl again. She wants to look interesting but someone who specializes in classical music or dance, is career conscious.

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Aoyama continues to get weaker day by day with the accused. The people around him feel this weakness and ask him to understand something, but he doesn’t listen to it because he is obsessed with love. But no one could have imagined where this fascination would lead him. I haven’t read any of Ryu Murakami’s books before ‘Audition’. This book has aroused great interest in his storytelling style. Of course, the credit for this realization goes to the book’s translators, Wasi Ahmed and Ishraq Arnab. I read such a clear translation a long time later.

Once the book begins, it is difficult not to finish. The story is as moving as it is intriguing. The way the author portrays the mental state of Aoyama, one of the main characters in the story, and his son is really remarkable. For good reason, Yamasaki did not reveal the character’s psychology in that way, but the mystery surrounding him kept the text firmly attached to the text. Like Aoyama, we look forward to learning more about him. The parts of the conversation between Aoyama and the accused are very enjoyable. Another enjoyable thing is the expression of the author’s love for art in various places in the book. The music ranges from Mozart to the Beatles, ballet dance, filmmaker Fellini’s movies or restaurant handicrafts, as well as a variety of food and wine. The author also skillfully presents the tense moments of the last part of the book. If you like mystery-thriller genre books, you should definitely try.

Free download or read online 9th IX Class Biology Urdu Medium Notes in pdf format for a metric student. Biology could be a scientific discipline involved with the study of life and living organisms, together with their structure, function, growth, evolution, distribution, and taxonomy. Trendy biology could be an immense and eclectic field, composed of many branches and subdisciplines. 

9th IX Class Biology Urdu Notes Free Download

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