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9th Class General Science book in Urdu pdf download

Hello everybody. Today we will share 9th Class General Science book in Urdu pdf download link. We hope you will love this.

Book: 9th Class General Science book in Urdu pdf download

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This is the general science book of 9th and 10th class for all Punjab boards. You can download the book in pdf here. I have uploaded the book here for the students of all Punjab boards and the federal board (FBISE). Both the Urdu medium and English medium version of the book has been given here. You can download whatever you want.

Love has no name, nor does it mean any country or continent. The novel Mahadesh-Mahakala is written with such a sweet love story. It’s not just a story, here is all the ancient history of Italy, thousands of stories of life in exile.
When the heroine Tatiana Nijhar says like a philosopher – it doesn’t feel good if the sky is not blue, just like life is false if there is no Maya in life. Marriage is the name of a man who repeatedly eats habudubu in love.

What a strange story! Bihar can understand at one time – love means not only to come closer but also to go away. It is possible to enter deep into the mind from afar. Nijhar and Tatiana will be one of the different continents! Huh, got it. This love novel written in Europe and Asia plot really fascinated me.

In the first part of this novel, we see a child marriage dowry in the form of a monster, one of the social systems of the time, because of the dowry, women have to be neglected, abused and humiliated. They have no specific strengths, no structural weaknesses!

In the second part of this novel, the sweet relationship between the two children of Harihar- the eldest daughter Durga and the youngest son Apu is beautifully highlighted!
Durga kills Apu at one stage because he tells the story of stealing from a neighbor’s house and eating mango
In a fit of rage, Durga’s mother Sarvajaya scolds her, at one point in the novel Durga dies of malaria fever!
In the story of Pather Panchali, I myself go back to my childhood. The fascinating view of nature.

The beauty of nature flying in the spring wind running from one end to the other. The beauty of nature touches my childhood. In the story of Pad Panchali, laughter, joy, tears, happiness, the simple and simple nature of the village of Dunkha do not play in this story !!

9th Class General Science book in Urdu pdf download

9th and 10th class general science book in English pdf

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