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(50+ Gifts idea) What to get someone you don’t know for birthday

It’s that time of year again, when we scour the internet for gifts to get our friends and family. But what do you get someone you don’t know? Do they have a birthday coming up soon? What about Christmas – are they Christian or Jewish or Muslim? We have compiled this list of 50 gifts that will work for any occasion!

And on and on. There are a lot of other gifts you can get your friends or family members for any occasion, but these were just some that we thought would be perfect. If this list doesn’t work for you – let us know! We’re always looking out for more ideas to share with our readers in the future.

What skills do they have? For what hobbies are they passionate about? What is their favorite color/animal/etc.? These types of questions will help narrow down the possibilities so it’s easier to buy them something nice without getting overwhelmed by options (or spending money). But as long as it comes from somewhere honest, people don’t mind if it isn’t’s not perfect.

When you’re looking for a gift, it can sometimes be hard to know what someone would like or need and this often leads people to spending more than is necessary on something they’ll just get rid of later because it’s never used. The best gifts are the ones that come from your heart – no matter how big or small. You don’t have to spend a lot of money in order to make an impactful gesture! While we do include some expensive items below, there are plenty priced under $25 (or less), so scroll down if you want budget-friendly options as well.

This list includes a variety of items that are sure to please anyone on your shopping list. The best part is, you’ll never get this confused with another gift because these unique finds have been carefully curated just for you! If someone’s birthday is coming up and you’re at a loss for what to give them, whether it be their something special or just an everyday thing they need – don’t worry, we’ve got everything covered here from last-minute gifts to stocking stuffers. You can stop worrying about finding the perfect present now that there are 50 Gifts Everyone Will Love Right Here!

50 birthday Gift Ideas:

  • A box of chocolates   A candle in their favorite scent (or any other scented item)  A set of new sheets for their bed (also a great gift if you’re looking to get them something they need)
  • A jar of Nutella or any other favorite treat that is normally expensive, but will last awhile.
  • A bag from the store with grocery essentials like milk and eggs so they can start cooking for themselves!
  • An Amazon Prime membership – it’s only $99 per year and gets them free two-day shipping on anything they want without having to pay additional shipping costs.  An iTunes card so they can download movies, albums, books, TV shows etc., all at once. This is also an amazing idea if you know someone who loves apps!
  • Lingerie in their size that matches one of your favorites.
  • A gift card to their favorite restaurant in the city or a store they love.
  • Tickets for an art gallery, concert, comedy show or other event happening next month that you know they would enjoy!  A cookbook with recipes that match their culinary preferences (or even a set of new pots and pans) – this is also great if you’re looking to get them something practical like kitchen appliances.
  • Gift cards from Amazon so they can buy anything online without having to pay shipping costs too.  Gift certificates for local restaurants or stores near where your loved one lives who may not have much time off work during the week but still needs some spoiling on occasion!
  • Individual items related to hobbies people are passionate about: books, movies, games or gardening tools. For example: a child who loves playing Minecraft might enjoy getting their own copy of the game for Christmas!
  • A voucher to get clothes tailored and fitted just for them at one of your favorite local tailors – if you’re planning on gifting someone with something they will wear every day (like an office dress), this is a great option because it’s personal without being too expensive.
  • Tickets to see any show in town that they’ve been dying to see but haven’t had the time so far – from Cirque du Soleil performances and Broadway musicals to concerts by international stars like Prince or Taylor Swift, there are plenty of options out there when it comes to tickets as gifts!  Gift certificates from countries like Thailand, Japan and China – if you know someone who’s always wanted to go on a long-overdue trip abroad, this is the perfect option.
  • A soothing bath set with aromatherapy oils and a matching candle or set of candles for when they need that extra bit of relaxation
  • Tickets to their favorite sporting event – whether it’s baseball season in America or cricket games down under (or any sport!), there are plenty of sporting events around the world that would make awesome gifts!
  • The gift of time: an hour babysitting one day so your recipient can do something nice for themselves without having to worry about kids while they’re out; half a day at work as much needed paid vacation days; anything free from housekeeping chores so they can finally get that long-awaited weekend off
  • A massage or a facial, done by the best in their field – you don’t need to be able to afford these treatments every day of your life for them to make your recipient feel special and pampered
  • An intimate dinner once or twice a month with just themselves and someone who cares about them as much as you do.
  • The gift of a new experience: tickets to an event they’ve always wanted to go too; the opportunity for them to pick and choose from one of those “experience” websites where you are outfitted in period costume, learn how-to on throwing pottery or make your own pizza…anything that will bring their life some color outside the mundane.
  • A Skype session with someone who can’t visit otherwise – it doesn’t matter if this is with family or friends, what matters is that they have someone there (almost) close enough for comfort but not so close that icky feelings arise when bad memories surface.
  • Tickets to a concert either near home or far away. It’s time off work without having to use vacation time, or a chance to spend time with someone you love while listening to your favorite music.
  • A card that says “I know it’s not much and I’m sorry.”
  • Fifty Ways To Say Thank You: A Note on Gratitude (published by Chronicle Books)
  • Something they’ve been wanting for the longest amount of time but is out of their budget – this can be anything from clothes to electronics so long as it isn’t too extravagant. If money is an issue, just get them something small like a coloring book set or CD compilation- there are tons of great options at any dollar store!
  • Tickets for two nights in a hotel near Disneyland – these tickets will give them one day at Disney World with three days left to enjoy the hotel and other California spots!
  • A voucher for a massage or facial – these are great gifts because they can be enjoyed as soon as you give them to your friend.
  • A framed photo of the two of you on that trip together – make sure it’s something special, not just any old vacation souvenir. Or if time has passed since that night at Disney World then get a picture from Disneyland with Mickey Mouse in the background!
  • Food gift cards- this is perfect for those friends who love cooking but don’t have all the ingredients available to them. There are so many options like local grocery stores, farmers’ markets, restaurants, coffee shops, etc. There will never be an issue finding one they’ll appreciate. These days everyone loves to cook, so give the gift of tools!
  • A pretty candle and an accompanying tea set. This is perfect for those friends who love to light candles in their house or just want a special place to drink their favorite tea every day. A subscription box like Birchbox (beauty) or Graze (healthy snacks). These boxes can be customized around your friend’s likes and need making it easy for you when picking out that one-time present they’ll always remember. Amazon Prime – this is the ultimate last-minute Christmas shopping solution because with prime you get free two-day shipping on most items.
  • If there are any home improvement projects they’ve been planning but haven’t had time to start then help them make progress by gifting them some lumber or even the tools they need.
  • A gift card to their favorite store, like Target, Walmart, Sephora
  • For those people who love spa days and pampering themselves a little too much then this is perfect for them! There are so many options when it comes to these amazing products that can make someone feel absolutely luxurious in the comfort of their own home.
  • If your friend loves great-tasting food but sometimes doesn’t have time to put together anything extravagant then give them one of Jamie Oliver’s cookbooks which includes over 100 recipes that will take just 15 minutes from start to finish.
  • One option is giving someone an experience by gifting them tickets to go see a movie at The Grand Cinema – you’ll be able to purchase the tickets online and have them emailed to the recipient so they can simply print it out.
  • If you’re at a loss of what gift to get someone in your life who loves creativity then considers getting them something like an art set that includes paints, paintbrushes, sketchpad, and drawing pencils which will be perfect for their next artistic endeavors!
  • raid of giving the wrong gift then consider getting them something like a subscription to The New York Times.
  • consider getting someone who is always on the go an item that they can use with their phone such as a wireless charger for those moments when it’s low and they are in need of some juice!
  • A thoughtful and personalized gift such as this will really come in handy for the person you’re gifting these accents to!
  • If you want your present recipient to know how much you care about them then consider personalizing a hand-written card with a custom message or verse inside from the Bible just for them!
  • This is something they’ll have forever and it’s one more item on our list that will show off what an amazing individual they are who deserves love, kindness, and respect no matter what life has tossed their way. These gifts are not only perfect but also cheap which makes them only thoughtful but have a special meaning that will be cherished for years to come.
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We recommend adding personalized Bible verses to any of your gifts because these simple words can speak volumes and show just how much you care about the person on the receiving end!

Personalized items are so great because they’ll help them feel like their loved one is right there in front of them no matter where they go or what happens next. They’re going to love it, trust us!

There’s nothing more meaningful than giving someone an item with your own personal touch on it — this way, even if something bad does happen and life gets really tough down the line, at least they know that somebody cared enough about them to make such a touching gift.

* The great thing about these types of gifts is that they work for every single occasion, and there are so many different things you can do besides writing a personal message or phrase on the item to make it even more special! Besides adding their name, initials, or an inside joke onto your present with a permanent marker (or maybe some watercolor paint?), we recommend making them something like this:

Conclusion: You may be wondering what to get someone you don’t know for their birthday. It’s not easy trying to figure out the perfect gift when you have no idea about a person’s likes or dislikes, but we’re here to help! We’ve created a list of different ideas that will give you some inspiration on how to celebrate your loved one’s special day. For more detailed information on each item, please refer back to our blog post “What to get someone you don’t know for birthday.” Let me know in the comment below which ones are your favorites and why!

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